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Customer Reviews

Happy we found this place.

Very nice people who take great care of my temporarily disabled brother for a reasonable price. They truly treat him like a family member. The set-up is a little weird as he has to pass though another resident's room to get to the restroom.


My husband had a heart attack and was taken via 911 to the nearest hospital and later taken to a Kaiser hospital. After his stay with the Cardiac Unit, he was transferred to a affiliated 165 bed rehab center for physical therapy which was a rigid skilled nursing facility where he was not treated very well. The ratio of medical staff to patient ratio was too big. Medi-Care allows 20 days of covered stay for physical therapy. He was in there already 6 days and have not started PT yet, therefore leaving him only 14 days of physical therapy coverage. He was bedridden. The food served there was also terrible. He was a CARDIAC PATIENT who was on a pureed /mechanical soft diet. The first night upon arrival, he was served a meal of SLOPPY JOE (bread dripping with grease) and a scope of chili beans. Upon complaint, the nurse went to the kitchen to get him a bowl of soup which came from a can (800mg Sodium). The food did not get any better. A couple of days later, he was served fettuccine alfredo, his favorite. The sauce was probably microwave and it caked up dried on the noodles. The noodles were elastic! Obviously all their meals are pre-prepared with an outside vendor in mass amounts and brought in cold and is reheated which means that it's probably full of oil, grease, salt, etc All the ingredients were REALLY BAD for a cardiac patient to eat. The services that were rendered was not near satisfaction, therefore, it did not meet his needs and his condition got worst. He was still on a foley catheter and with a stage #2 bedsore.
We met with Kaiser Social Worker. He gave us a couple of options. My husband felt that he would do better at a smaller private board & care home. We were very hesitant about putting a cardiac patient with a foley catheter and a stage #2 bedsore into a Board and Care home which is an UNSKILLED nursing facility. It has no doctors or nurses on duty there. I do not know if ANY Board and Care home would even take him with a foley catheter and stage #2 bedsore. My husband did not want to go back to the Rehab facility due to ill treatment there. We took a chance with SWEET DREAMS CARE HOME in Milpitas (near our house)
The owners of SWEET DREAMS CARE HOME are Italian. The owner came and meet with us personally. He was very positive. He said that his staff can handle my husband. He took a chance with my husband. He was transferred there that same night.

I have nothing but the best to say about Sweet Dreams Care home. It's a small 6 resident facility run out of a private home. It's owned and run by an Italian couple. They served Italian dishes. Their employed two/three caregivers are Filipinos. Asian food was also served along with American food. They can almost cook any type of foods. The meals are personally cooked fresh every day right before the meals are served. (not frozen or pre-made or pre-packaged). They cook with NO OIL and they do not add salt to their ingredients. Kaiser sent over a physical therapist and a Home Health nurse so my husband had one- on- one help. His stage # 2 bedsore that he had for 8 weeks when he came in started to finally heal under the care of the caregivers who followed the Home Health nurses instruction with the regime of the medication ointments, skin pads and dressing healed. The PT that first came to see him said that it will take 3 -4 months before he can even transferred himself on to a wheelchair let alone be able to stand or walk. With the help of the PT and the encouragement of the Filipino caregivers "rooting" my husband on, praising him for every step that he accomplishment. They also were making sure he does his exercises every day (when the PT was not there), He was able to sit up, stand up, transferred to a wheelchair to a walker to a cane in the 6 weeks that he was there. The Home Health nurse was amazed that the stage #2 bedsore healed up in such a short time. The PT was amazed that my husband got from bedridden to walking with a walker to a cane in the short amount of time that he was there.
I feel that all this was possible because this Board & Care home staff were SO POSSITIVE in taking care of their residents. That was the MAIN part of the reason that my husband was SO motivated to get well and be self sufficient again. It also helps that there were some permanent elderly residents living there, They were all giving my husband courage to keep "trucking" on. They all were standing and chapping when my husband took his first steps to walk one complete trip around the perimeter of the little board & care home for the first time. They were like POM POM cheerleaders rooting and chapping at the finished line.

The owners are not absentees either. They come by almost every day. They buy fresh food and it's cooked up fresh every day. It's very homey from owner, staff and down to residents. They are connected to each other. The facility is a converted home. It feels like home when you walked in. It does not looked like an bureaucratic institution with numerous shift changes so no one gets to know each other.

With the Skilled Nursing Rehab facility which Medi-care covers only the first 20 days and P.T. was not even given 6 days later (not counting weekends) , leaving only 14 days left to do rehab. That would have been impossible. There would have been NO way the Rehab physical therapist (2) would have given enough time for him, yet covering 165 other residents at the same time or would the floor nursing staff have the time to help him exercise in between physical therapy sessions. He would have left that Rehab facility STILL BEDRIDDE, still with a foley catheter and STILL with a stage #2 bedsore.....if the unhealthy food that was served there did not get to him first!

Looking back, was it worth the cost out of pocket of paying for a private 6 resident board & care home as compared to the (free to us) Medi-Care covered first 20 day skilled nursing facility of 165 bed rehab center?

Yes....It's worth every penny. Note that we are not well to do. We are on a budget and it took a chunk out of our savings to do it but we never regretted our decision that he went to SWEET DREAMS CARE HOME in Milpitas.

A place to be in

This facility is Wonderful. The home is real welcoming, has big space, and the rooms are also spacious. It always smells good and refreshing inside the house once you walk in. They do there best make the residences happy while they live in the facility. Their caregivers are well trained, trust worthy, loyal, and outgoing. The food is also tasty; my father was a resident there before, and he loved the food, even though he was a real picky eater. Go check the facility out, and see for yourselves if you feel its a warming home to put your mother or father in. : ))


Great area and amazing staff, they truly care about the residents and treat them like family. My beloved one has been living there for a while and she has improved with her health and social skills. All the residents seem very satisfied, and the food is primarily Italian based. I reccomend this home for everyone looking for a family friendly and respectful home. I appreciate their service and have been very happy with their staff.

This place should never be ...

This place should never be offered to anyone and should be turned into the state as unfit for even a dog.

The proprietors of this establishment...

The proprietors of this establishment are originally from southern Italy and are very charming. They mentioned that their help had recently quit and had yet to be replaced. I would not recommned this home for anyone with a fall risk or a mobility impairment. This place is overcrowded with furniture. Sharp corners abound and most of the flooring is of laminate/hardwood. The shared toilet does not have assist bars. One owner proudly pointed out his monitoring cameras placed in the rooms. This can be both comforting and also an invasion of privacy depending on the viewpoint. The residents seemed happy. One resident, a 99 year old man, was sitting contently with 3 ladies watching TV. The building exterior needs freshening. The interior while clean , needs massive decluttering. The kitchen smells rivaled a good Italian restaurant.

Clean. Extremely caring owners. Highl...

Clean. Extremely caring owners. Highly focused on good food and nutrition. Very happy residents who speak highly of the level of care and food.