Surra's Adult Family Home - Vancouver, WA

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Customer Reviews

Sleeping, eating, and watching TV is all the residents do

I am very unhappy with this facility. There are several issues that I have brought to the managers attention but nothing has been done. I feel like the dental hygiene of my wife is lacking very greatly. The staff doesn’t help her floss or brush her teeth and there are bits of food just left on her teeth. The one major problem I have is that they don’t do any exercise with my wife. She has Alzheimer’s and they are not doing anything mentally or physically to stimulate her. When the fall weather was a little bit nicer, I actually went to see her everyday so I could teach her how to walk again. The only good thing this facility is good at is letting their residents sleep, eat, and watch TV. I am very upset about this whole thing and I would never recommend this facility.