Pyrimed Care Services - Miami, FL

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Customer Reviews

Mediocre experience at best

This agency was somewhat mediocre. I was trying to find someone to work with us on the weekends and the agency never responded. We eventually were able to get someone to work through the week but then the person that we were going to have for the weekends never showed up or responded. The person that did come out for the week was outstanding but the agency itself was not great. When we were stood up, it put us in a quandary to try and find someone else. I would not recommend them.

Trusting provider

from past client of this provider

Great service of care which is unparalleled from previous service provider. My caregiver treats me like her father.

I highly recommend this provider..

Great service and Staff

I am a current client of this provider

I knew of them and I thought they might be able to do a good job. I interviewed some people that they provided and I interviewed some people that others provided and I like the people that Pyrimed provided better.

For the most part, I've been pleased with the caregivers they've had. They provided caregivers who are reliable, consistent and compassionate.

From the Provider

We exist to meet the needs of people who are developmentally disabled. We care about the people we serve, our employees, and each other. We provide uncompromised service. We believe in what we do. We make a difference.