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Customer Reviews

Great Service Provider 👍🏽

I really appreciate this nursing service. They have provided my elderly mother with great care. I intend to use their services again in the near future.

My Dad loves his caregiver, [name removed]. She helps him out of bed, cooks him meals and takes care of the household chores. She makes my Dad smile which makes it all worth it. The management is very responsive to us. Thank you to Classic Home Care and [name removed].

Our excellent caregivers !!

If you are in need of in-home care, I would happily recommend [name removed] and the Classic Home Care team. During the time we used their services, they were honest, professional and always respectful. Our caregiver ([name removed]) improved the quality of life for my Mother during their time together, and for that I will always be grateful

Stop Looking - This is the Service You Want!

I have used Classic Home Care for years with three different seniors. They are awesome to work with and are eager to make sure you have the very best person working with your family. At times we had to switch out an aide and they did this readily with a great attitude. I highly recommend them!

Great Company, Great Service

When looking for home care assistance for my Mother, Classic Home Care immediately responded to my request and got us started within 24 hours. After a few weeks it was evident that our caregiver was not a good fit for us. After reporting this to Classic Home Care, [name removed] and his office staff quickly found us a new caregiver and she has worked out wonderfully.

Receptive, knowledgeable, and easy to communicate with

My father-in-law just started needing care and we weren’t entirely sure if we wanted a facility or in home care. We wanted to introduce this to him slowly and he didn’t want a nurse originally, so our Senior Advisor, [Removed], really wanted to figure out a personalized plan and seemed to understand our needs. He recommended Classic Home Care and it’s a work in progress but I’m very happy with what they’ve been doing for us. The care has been what we’ve expected. This time in Dad’s life is not easy to predict and it’s something that has to be individualized; it’s been really helpful and for me, they’re doing what they need to be doing. The nurse gives feedback, she’s receptive, knowledgeable and easy to communicate with, and the fact that she reaches out to me makes me think that she’s doing a good job. She cooks healthy options for Dad, buys him groceries, does the laundry, and helps him bathe. She keeps things clean within the scope of her duties. She seems really secure about what she’s doing. My husband and I live in a different state so I’m not there to watch everything, but I think they’re doing a good job. I think the rate is very reasonable for all the things that the nurse does for Dad, and I would absolutely recommend them.

Ron Rosenburg

Local Representative

Thank you for your online review. It's always great to hear the results of our Teams hard work.

Not The Best Experience So Far

Being that I have never had to do this and that we needed something in a hurry I may not have asked all the appropriate questions but based on what I had heard from the interview I had been impressed. The owner had to hire a caretaker quickly that would suit my parent's needs and it hasn't been the best matchup. I don't live in the area so I haven't experienced anything that my mom says is going on but from what she says this caretaker isn't following any of the specific things I have left on the detailed list. The communication between myself and the owner of the agency was okay. From what my mom says the caretaker is on her phone instead of doing things that need to be done. I have given this agency and the caretaker the benefit of the doubt and if things don't change quickly for the better we will no longer be using this service my parents deserve better treatment than what they are paying for.

Ron Rosenburg

Local Representative

I'm glad we were able to provide a caregiver quickly, but sometimes the initial caregiver is not the best fit. We appreciate and require feedback so that we move swiftly to provide a better/different caregiver and experience for our Clients.

My Go-To When I Need Help

It was a good experience with the caregiver and the agency. The caregiver didn't know my husband smoked but she was nice. She prepared his meals and she followed him to Wal-Mart when he wanted to get some air. I would use them again and I would recommend them to my family and friends.

Ron Rosenburg

Local Representative

Thank you for your review. I'm glad to hear that we are able to assist your husband with a good experience.

A big adjustment!

The service from the caregiver from Classic Home Care was good, but it was a hard adjustment for my mother. She was not comfortable with a stranger being in her home so we had to discontinue services, but as far as the caregiver I feel that she did an okay job.

Ron Rosenburg

Local Representative

Thank your for your review. It's never easy bringing a 'stranger' into the home. We do our best to make the introduction as least intrusive as possible and work to build trust and relationship over time.

On Time and Ready

This agency was so amazing from the 1st meeting. I got to meet the supervisor and the future caretaker, as a family we came to an agreement with all that was needed-even my housekeeper was included! The staff are professional, prompt, and very understanding of my mom's needs and wants. The caretaker prepared meals, washed, cleans, and also spoke spanish. I would recommend the agency because they were able to help my family the next, as needed.

Ron Rosenburg

Local Representative

Thank you for your feedback. I'm glad we were able to provide a Team approach and meet your expectations.

It wasn't that great, I wouldn't give them a very high recommendation.

It wasn't that great, I wouldn't give them a very high recommendation. The gentleman that runs it is new at this kind of work. There were details left out. His people didn't drive cars, so you had to supply a car for them. I felt they were very unprofessional. They tried to go around me to work with another family member, just really all around not pleased.

Ron Rosenburg

Local Representative

I'm sorry you did not have a good experience. Our job can be very difficult when more than one family member wants to be the 'main' point of contact. We always work towards transparency between all familiar members.

Excellent home care service

Our experience with Classic Home Care was a very good one, overall! I would definitely recommend them! The administrative staff was helpful and good with follow-up, and the aide they sent did an excellent job with the care.

Ron Rosenburg

Local Representative

Thank you for your feedback. I'm glad we were able to meet your expectations.

From the Office

We at Classic Home Care understand the challenges you are facing when obtaining quality care for a loved one. Our Family owned business has been providing in-home care support to local communities for over 15 years. We provide caregiver assistance with activities of daily living to seniors in the comfort of their own home. Our goal is to promote independence while providing a safe home environment.