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I was strongly motivated to write this letter; having worked as a healthcare professional myself, and having been the healthcare proxy for both my mother and my uncle, I know that there are many families currently making an important decision about their loved ones' care.

Our family's experiences with Ezra Homecare have been outstanding. We have appreciated the level of care and concern expressed by every individual our family has worked with. We also have been acutely aware of the level of personalized service that has been provided by Ezra, and are deeply grateful. I wanted to particularly thank [name removed] and [name removed] for their dedication and wonderful work. The healthcare provider for my mother demonstrates such compassion, attention to detail, and dedication that it is obvious to me that my mother is not only improving in health but also in spirits. I would recommend Ezra Homecare to anyone looking to assist their loved ones, and I do so without reservation.

Very professional and caring agency
Highly recommend them

Excellent Home Health Aides

I hired Ezra Home Care 4 months ago to help care for my Mother, based on a referral from her assisted living facility. During this time, Ezra has really come through for us and I recommend them without hesitation. They are highly responsive, providing appropriate care when you need it whether it involves a few hours of companionship or around the clock care. We have faced more than one crisis when we suddenly needed 24 hour assistance. In a matter of hours, Ezra pulled together a great caregiver team allowing my mother to come directly home from the hospital.

The Client Support Staff ([name removed] and [name removed] in our case) have taken a genuine interest in my mother, stopping by frequently for in-person visits. They provide regular updates to the family and respond almost immediately to every inquiry or concern. By getting to know their clients and the family, they have been able to identify caregivers that best fit my mother’s needs and interests. Our family is fortunate to have Ezra by our side and thank them for everything they have done for us.

Ezra Home Care is the BEST!

Ezra has partnered with me in the at-home care of my very elderly parent for the past 8 months. From the first contact through the present, I have felt seriously listened to and cared for in regards to the needs of my parent. Ezra's management staff is exceptionally responsive, thoughtful, client-focused, and creative in problem-solving. The caregivers are well-trained, professional, and compassionate. Their 24/7 on-call staff are invaluable especially when there's an emergency. I would most highly recommend Ezra Home Care to any family considering either hourly or live-in home care.

Thank You Ezra Home Care

It was late October, I had received an urgent phone call from my brother. I had known that my mother had just scheduled knee surgery. My brother continued to tell me more – my father was incapable of getting out of bed, due to tremendous back pain. Nobody else was there at home to care for my parents. They were effectively trapped in their home, unable to perform basic services for themselves.
It was then that someone referred me to Ezra Home Care. When I spoke to my contact, [name removed], she was in the middle of an important convention, but that did not stop her sincere desire to help! While others would have said that they would call back later, [name removed] listened to me describe how serious the situation was in the middle of the convention, and right away, she arranged for someone to arrive at my parents’ house and offer assistance, immediately! Someone was with my parents, day and night, to help them take care of themselves, and to be there in case a more serious emergency were to occur. As great as the actual care was, what was equally terrific was [name removed]’s support, insisting that they would be available anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
Needless to say, I am very, very grateful to Ezra Home Care for all that they have done on behalf of my parents!
A Grateful Relative of Ezra’s Clients

Home care that is -- Responsive. Professional. Compassionate.

Ezra Home Care helped me when I was having surgery. I was particularly frightened about recovering at home, alone, because I was afraid that I might fall/faint.

The caregiver, [name removed], was amazing. She was professional, on time, compassionate, and stayed awake with me all night to ensure that I didn't fall when going to the bathroom or when taking a shower.

I was impressed by the responsiveness of the office staff and overwhelmed by the level of attention provided after my surgery to ensure that I was doing well, and that the caregiver had everything she needed to help me stay safe.

All in all, an excellent experience.

Ezra Home Healthcare Newton, MA Review

Ezra Home Healthcare has been providing Dad with support for about 6 months.

Ezra worked hard to find the 'right' people to work with our family. As anyone who has a family member with dementia knows, finding the right people this can be a tough task and it takes time.

Dad loves his Ezra care givers who are friendly, respectful and very caring - we couldn't be happier.

Ezra Home Care went above and then beyond what I expected when it came to providing care for my mother in her home in Boston. We tried to keep my mother in her home as long as possible and Ezra helped to make that happen.

Ezra was always available when I had questions or concerns. All the people that I encountered were professional and caring to my mother and my family.

They also were extremely accommodating by providing care on short notice in the event someone in my family was unable to care for my mother.

When we were faced with the difficulty of the overwhelming task of providing constant care of an aging parent, Ezra Home Care provided professional and consistent care, great communication and compassion which made such a difficult situation a little bit easier.


Great Job !!!

"Transiting from a two-month stay in a Skilled Nursing Facility to home with just the two of us at home (74-year old chronically ill husband and 73-year old spouse) was daunting. EZRA has been helping us with the challenge for almost a month now. They expertly matched us up with an experienced, upbeat 49-year old CNA who is open to many ideas of making our lives easier every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. He helps with walking, bathing, doctor visits, simple meal preparation, patient exercising, reading newspapers, vacuuming and fun conversation. We cannot recommend EZRA enough to others contemplating helping their loved one feel comfortable and thrive in their own home.

Ezra Homecare

A definite thumbs-up! The Ezra team is passionate about helping family members in the difficult task of caring for their elder parents.
They are resourceful, reliable and caring.

Competent, Caring, Compassionate and Reliable

I strongly recommend EZRA for home care if you're in a situation where you need home care for your loved one. This was quite an experience for me as I am a physician and this was really my first time being on the other side.

My husband/partner Bob of 33 years and I were faced with a devastating illness. After 5 mos in the hospital, he came home with hospice. I knew I needed help caring for him. I was very afraid of strangers in the home. I was an emotional wreck after watching the only person I’ve ever loved go thru 5 months of continued decline.

First of all everyone at Ezra is empathetic, understanding, and patient. They really took the time to get know us in what we might need.

[Removed] interviewed us and I’m sure he put a lot of thought into which providers would be a good match. [Removed] visited a couple of times a week to make sure everything was going smoothly. The other days he frequently called asking for feedback.

Fortunately everything was great, but it was reassuring to know there was ample opportunity to voice any concerns.

We had nearly around the clock care. Three different providers - [Removed]. Each was different but all were caring and [Removed] and I immediately bonded with all of them.

The personal care aspects were meticulous but they went above and beyond that. They knew he liked massages and whenever he felt anxious or in anyway not right, they knew how to make him feel better. When I got anxious or nervous they also took the time to reassure me.

Our family and friends were often there and the Ezra people helped make them feel better as well. In fact one of them prepared a plate of hor'dreves for everyone. All of them helped with housework so we could all be free to enjoy [Removed] last days.

Because of Ezra, [Removed] got all the comfort and care he needed and after 2 weeks, died comfortably, with dignity, surrounded by friends and family - including Ezra employees.

I can truly say [Removed] had the type of death most of us can only wish for. I am not sure this would have been the case had not been for [Removed].

There are a lot of agencies and individuals who do this type of work. I highly doubt any of them could give the level of care and security that I felt I was provided.

Excellent experience with great caregivers!

I required the services of Ezra Home Care for rides home and company following a three-month course of medical treatments. Over this time period I had three different caregivers, one once, one twice, and a third for most of the time. They were all excellent, particularly the third and longest-term person who assisted me for more than two of the three months, and right up to the end of my treatment. All the caregivers were punctual, friendly, and very helpful. One person even cleaned my home!

I want to put in a special recommendation for [Removed] who was my most regular caregiver. [Removed] possesses qualities that cannot be learned. He is extremely caring, compassionate, friendly, funny and encouraging. I looked forward to our times together, and even my dog loved being around him! He is a true gem.


Ezra Home Care has been a blessing to our family. A group of experienced and decent professionals with real heart. Clear communicators, reliable at every turn, flexible and trustworthy. Greatest Thanks

Great Care!

We have met some wonderful caretakers through Ezra. Our favorite ones were caring, responsible, patient, and understanding. When I was away on a short trip last year, I left my mom in the care of a fabulous young woman whom Ezra sent as a live-in. My mom and she got along like two peas in a pod, and I had peace of mind that mom was safe, well-cared for, and having a good time! We have been using Ezra caretakers for over two years now.

After several months of interaction with both management and care givers, our family is highly pleased by the reliability, experience, and heart of these fine people. Ezra Home Care is responsive and professionaly capable in managing our ongoing family needs. They have our trust. Greatest Thanks.


Ezra company provided good help aids :

Two main reasons:

1. Nice friendly caretakers.
2. Good communication and scheduling.

So far, my wife is satisfied.

Very disappointed in this home care provider

We were VERY disappointed. They insisted that they knew their caregivers so well and so would match us with someone who fit our needs for my grandmother. Instead, they sent someone who had never worked for them before. she was very nice but completely unqualified for the job- she might be a fit for someone else, but her low energy and passive nature (though very sweet) was not a fit at all. Mostly we were just very distressed that we had been "sold" on this on the idea that they knew their caregivers so well and so would be able to find us someone who met our needs...and it seems like they didn't even try. She did not meet the criteria that we so carefully provided at all. We stopped service after 2 days.

Alexander Schechter

Local Representative

Introducing care givers into families is a special practice, and we work diligently to find the right care giver from our qualified and caring staff. Sometimes the first care giver chosen isn't a match, but pro-activity is our approach, so if we see this and a family wants to be brought together with another care giver we encourage this. Thank you for your feedback as we are always looking to improve.

From the Provider

Maintaining independence is important to everyone. At Ezra Home Care we understand this, and we work to make it a reality through our compassionate, experienced caregivers. We demand the same type of personalized, quality care from our staff that we would insist upon for our own loved ones.

Whether you are a family member who would like to get out of the house from time to time or an individual who needs constant care in the comfort of your home, help after hospitalization, or just a companion to run errands with you, one of our caregivers will be there for you—when you want, for the length of time you want. Ezra Home Care is a private pay agency providing in-home care throughout the Greater Boston and Metro West areas.