Culver Meadows Senior Living - Traverse City, MI

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Customer Reviews

Moving in

This is a smaller care home and the people I have met were nice. They offer some activities and they do the laundry at no charge. I think dad is going to be happy with this community.

Research other facilities for comparison.

If you are considering putting a loved one in the care of Culver Meadows, I would recommend you visit at least 2 other facilities before you make a decision. I wish I would have done that. Trina of Culver Meadows told my wife and me the cost of care would be $[removed] a month for “End of Life Care.” We asked her to clarify what she meant and she clearly stated the cost of care would remain the same until the end of life. Well, it didn’t. When questioned about this when the rates went up, she said that “End of Life Care cost does not include the cost of living expense increases.”
The turnover of employees at this facility was horrendous. You could never imagine a business having such a turn over. Several good aides worked this facility during my family’s experience here, the problem is most of them leave after a few months. Many poor aides worked here during our time there.

The quality of the food and amount offered to the residents is poor. The main meal is at Noon and for the most part it is OK, but the serving size of meat I would consider skimpy and cheap. The evening meal is awful. Cheap white bread sandwiches with little or no meat and Cheetos is a staple, or soup with little or no broth was a staple. Almost non-existent were salads or a glass of milk. Hot dogs and corn dogs were other evening meal staples. Family’s brought in snacks and supplements for their loved ones to eat. I brought in Boost or Ensure in to supplement what I consider the borderline poor nutrition provided.
After the evening meal, many of the residents are left to sit in the uncomfortable chairs for 1-2 hours each night while the aides got other residents ready for bed. I would make it my duty to move the residents to more comfortable chains whenever possible.
Take a look at the towels and wash cloths provided the residents. I think that speaks volumes. They were of the grade that I would only consider for working on my car with. One resident had several bowel movements in my Mothers room and it would take several weeks before the carpet would be adequately cleaned.
In my opinion, the Jewett’s care more about the appearance of their facility then they do about the residents. Again, in my opinion, these residents are more like livestock to them and a source of cash.
Trust me; there are better facilities with better care for your loved ones in Traverse City. I found one like that for my Uncle and it saves him $600 a month. Do yourself a favor and do some investigation.

Poor quality care, borderline neglectful.

This is not the type of place that genuinely cares about their residents. People are put away and forgotten about. The owners openly admit they are just in this business to make money. The residents are poorly fed and often care goes to the wayside when money is involved. Be very cautious of sending a loved one to live in this facility. There are people there who care and do try to make up for lost efforts such as the administrator of the senior living facility. Just be cautious.