Cozy Home Care of Virginia, Inc - Virginia Beach, VA

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Customer Reviews

Dependable and Loving Caregivers

We are so pleased to have Cozy Care on our side. They are loving, dependable people that we cannot do without. Even in the snow storm, the owner picked up her caregivers and drove them to their client's home in her 4WD. That's devotion and unbelievable dependability. Thank you so very much!

First Responder & Flawless delivery of service= Mom is Happy

Cozy Home Care has been a true blessing for our family. We were in trouble with an early discharge from rehab. None of us were prepared to help Mom with what she needed. Cozy Home Care came right in, developed a care plan perfect for us and started care the next day. We even got to meet our caregiver before she started. Things are going well. Mom loves her caregiver and she is getting better quicker than we imagined she would. Thank you Cozy Home Care!

I am very happy with them, they have been very reliable.

I am very happy with them, they have been very reliable. The caregiver is very friendly. No complaints so far, I'd give them a five.

Start was a little rough at the start. The MA was let go and no one showed up or let us know. Management did come and stay for week until someone was found. Things seem to be going okay now. Would recommend!

Pleased with the service so far!

So far things have gone very well with Cozy Home Care. They've been very easy to work with, and Mom seems happy and comfortable with the caregivers they send over.

Working out well overall

Things have gone well in general with Cozy Home Care. The management staff have been very easy to work with and very accommodating. Some of the caregivers they've sent have seemed a little unprofessional and short with my loved one, however.

Very Satisfied

Very satisfied the recommended company Cozy Homecare has done a wonderful job of finding us the perfect caregiver.

Prompt, Courteous, Professional

We had a problem with one of the caregivers. She left my wife and my dad at the doctor's office and said she had to go run an errand and never came back. My wife barely got my dad, who is not ambulatory, back to the car. They were very on top of it and took her off and got us another caregiver, but that should not have happened. I was fine with the other caregivers.

They cost about the same as everyone else, $17/$18 bucks and hour. The were extremely prompt. They got right on it. It all happened pretty quick and they were one of the few places that called me back. They were prompt, courteous and professional.

Horrible Manangement

The owner is very unprofessional. She plays favorites. She does not care about the patients only pretends to for money. She used to work for another company and took their patients by promising better care and did not deliver. The patients are great but management is horrible.. To make matters worst they constantly mess up your check