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Comfort Keepers is very unprofessional. The aid the agency assigned to my grandmother for 8 months left temporarily due to family issues. The agency provided a replacement, however she also left the agency due to the unprofessionalism of the agency. The original aid returned to the agency and came to assist my grandmother for 2 Saturdays, and I was advised by the agency owner that the aid would assist my grandmother going forward, however the scheduler [Removed] called on a Friday to say that the aid was no longer available to assist my grandmother on Saturdays, and assigned an aid to my grandmother who was not available on Saturdays, and could come only on Sundays, which is not convenient for the family. He was also rude and nasty, and stated that the aid could not come on Saturday due to the long distant commute, but I was told by the aid that she was available to work on Saturday's. This agency is under the impression that you have to take what ever aid they give you on the days the agency wants the aid to come not the days you require assistance. DO NOT USE THIS AGENCY. You will be inconvenienced, and disappointed with the service. I am currently looking for another agency to do business with. The agency also would not let me know until a day before that the aid was not available, which didn't give me time to make other arrangements. They were also unable to find a replacement when the aid could not accommodate the regularly scheduled hours. [Removed] the scheduler is rude and nasty. I am changing agencies, and will not be using Comfort Keepers as they have caused me much discomfort.

The Caregivers Are Helpful

The caregiver we had for my mom was able to assist her in her home. Recently that person got into an accident and is unable to be with mom. The agency has found a new caregiver for us to provide the same care she had before.

Needs better staff !!

I was very disappointed with the service I received from Comfort Keepers for my loved one. The aid was often late to our appointment or would cancel last minute. The aid did not motivate my mother to improve on her skills at all and fell asleep on the job multiple times. I did not feel comfortable leaving my mother alone with this company and would not recommend them.

The people are nice at this agency!!!

Overall we are satisfied with this home care agency. The caregivers are nice and help with light housekeeping and an occasional meal. I have noticed that sometimes the office staff can be a little technical in their demeanor. Part of me wishes this service was started by a nurse. There is a minimum of services you have to pay for.

Not A Right Fit

I had the chance to sit down with this agency to find a good caretaker for my mom. The meeting went good and we picked out a caretaker. When the caretaker came over I found that my mom's personality and the caretaker were not compatible. The caretaker was a nice women but did not work right for mom. This agency is professional and did a good job trying to help accommodate our needs with no negativity.

I would recommend Comfort Keepers!!!

My mom is very happy with the 24 hour personal care she receives from Comfort Keepers. She is disappointed in the cooking and cleaning, however it is sometimes hard to find someone that is great in all the areas. They transport her to the doctors. The staff at the office are very nice and easy to work with, they answer my questions and concerns.