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Customer Reviews


I had the pleasure of visiting Clara's West Assisted Living, out of curiosity, based on internet review.

I thought things had changed since my son lived there at one time before his passing, but amazingly it was still the same, pleasant staff, the clients there seemed very at home and happy, as I expected. the Facility felt very warm and exemplified a homelike environment.

It was very depressing, overcrowded a...

It was very depressing, overcrowded and when you walked in you didn't smell any bad odors but it was junky and the people were just piled and it was not a very appealing place at all. There was one lady there by herself with all those people and she was trying to clean and mop the floor, I'm sure she was doing the best she could but I would have just felt overwhelmed. It was a very, very depressing place, it was a large area and it was a house that was added onto it, you know how some nursing houses do, they put them in a wheelchair and in front of the television all day and I got the impression this place was like that. I think it was too crowded and too small for a nursing home and it seemed to have clothes everywhere and furniture that was too large for the place.