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Customer Reviews

Poor care and services

My mothers room is always dirty. Staff is Rude. She gets Labs done because I get the bill but no one tells me the results until I call about getting the bill so I know she had labs.

Mattress was horrible.

Drink had mold in it that was left in her room.

Very disappointed.

Stay away from Brookside Manor

My mother was in Brookside Manor and we were totally disappointed with the care she got. The people were very nice. But when admitted, she walked around her room but when it came to her going to dinner or meals, they pushed her in a wheel chair to the dinning room. For two months, the only place she had to sit was in front of the air conditioner in front of the window. She fell three times before they ever contacted us and that was because she had to go to the hospital. I went to visit her one time only to find out her arm was ripped up with a bandage over it. After falling several times, she would ask for assistance to the bathroom only to be told, " There it is", pointing to the bathroom. They advertise that they have lots of room and this so untrue. The resident that was in the room with her took up two thirds of the room with a large recliner in the center of it. When she ended up in the hospital, she was so impacted she ended up with enemas. This was very traumatic for an 87 year old lady. When asked if they would get physical therapy for her, with a doctors order from the hospital, they had her go to a group session doing only exercises with elastic bands. No physical therapist was ever called in to work with her regarding her ambulation. There was never any staff around and and there was family there to visit mostly every day. Every time we visited, we noticed the same patients sitting in the same chairs in the same position that weren't capable to get around by themselves, just as mother was. When asked if they ever walked with mother, I was told that they were assisted living, we don't do that. Tell me what does assist mean? After a month and a half, mother could walk little to none. A week before she came home, they ordered supplies such as depends, rubber gloves and etc., $137.00 worth. When discharged, they kept all of them! They never gave us any information as to her blood sugars or meds. Just handed us a bag of meds and a paper. Only to get her home to find her blood sugars were up into the 300's and higher. Never addressed nor could she walk! The communication was awful!!! They may as well have put her in a closet and shut the door! All they offered was and three meals day. She never went to one activity except to get her hair and nails done and the so called therapy. The communication was terrible! I wouldn't put my dog in those conditions!