Aging Gracefully In Home Care - Dallas, TX

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Customer Reviews

Not a great experience overall

The communication between the management, aides, and myself was mediocre to poor, and the source of a lot of frustration. In our initial conversation the management told us they'd send a caregiver suited to our specific needs. However, the first aide they sent would not have been able to comply with the schedule we sent them at all, which makes me wonder if they even looked at it. The second could meet the schedule, but didn't exactly meet the care services we requested, but we gave her a shot. The care she provided was alright, but she would show up up to an hour early saying she "had nothing else to do", and if we didn't invite her in would just sit in her car in the driveway. We later discovered she'd been clocking in through their automated system for those hours and we were being billed for them.
I was also not impressed with their website, it was not professional looking and contained grammatical errors.