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Home Care in Chilliwack, BC

Roughly 14 percent of the Canadian population consists of citizens aged 65 and older, according to Statistics Canada. Furthermore, the national research group projects that this percentage will most likely increase. While this projection indicates that people as a whole are living longer – something that obviously needs to be celebrated – it also means that there will more than likely be a rise in the number of seniors that need some sort of home care service to provide aid for chronic conditions, such as long-term ailments, permanent disability, or terminal illness. This could also lead to an increase in the number of families that get stressed out over the situation. And while some families may react to this by choosing to take care of the beloved senior on their own, doing so in reality has great potential to create overwhelming stress and strain, both from a physical and emotional standpoint. Yet when the time to make this decision comes, these families can rest easy in knowing that they don’t need to try and handle things on their own, as the home care services in Chilliwack, British Columbia will be on hand to help them through this difficult time.

Chilliwack in Brief

Chilliwack is a rather ideal representation of the type of growth Western Canada has seen over the last few decades. This city of approximately 80,000 residents has long been considered humble farmland; something that dates back to the city's founding in 1873. Yet over the past few decades, Chilliwack's urban and suburban core has grown exponentially over the past decades, resulting in an intriguing blend of city and country that has made the city one of British Columbia's more intriguing cities.

While Chilliwack has expanded, it has done a terrific job of retaining plenty of the natural qualities that have traditionally contributed to its overall natural aesthetic. The city is perched on the Canada/United States border, tucked in amongst the Upper Fraser Valley and surrounded by large rivers and tall mountains. This unique landscape has not only proved to be an ideal setting from an agricultural standpoint, it has also enabled Chilliwack to be a prime location for those that are into outdoor-focused tourism.

The association with tourism is so great, in fact, that industries relating to attracting out-of-towners is a key component to Chilliwack's economic landscape. Visitors gather in and around Chilliwack every year to enjoy a host of eclectic outdoor activities, from horseback riding and fishing to camping and golfing. Obviously, the natural landscape plays a vital role in the city’s ability to be a tourist destination, but the weather also plays a prime role in its allure. The city boasts a mild climate and a limited exposure to extreme temperatures, which has allowed it to build a reputation for being the warmest city in Canada. The city's weather patterns could appeal greatly to those that are looking to move to a Canadian city that is not marked by harsh or extreme weather conditions.

It should be noted that while Chilliwack is a sterling place for tourism, agriculture still remains a vital part of its identity and economy. The city is still home to over 900 farms and 17,000 hectares of dedicated farmland. What's more, the city has made a point to preserve this rural heritage, even as the city's urban landscape continues to grow and flourish.

Home Care in Chilliwack

Home care, which can also be known as home health care, is defined as care provided by a professional caregiver to a senior within the senior's own residence. This important level of aid features the caregiver helping the senior with various activities of daily living, like dressing, bathing, eating, and walking. Additionally, the caregiver will perform aid in other daily tasks that are vital to perpetuating day-to-day living within the senior’s home, like housework, grocery shopping, and cooking. These dual functions work to provide seniors with a certain level of independence that cannot necessarily be experienced in a senior group setting, since the senior does not have to sacrifice their home in exchange for getting the vital care that they need.

Living a Nice Life in Chilliwack

Deciding on home care for a loved one is never an easy decision. Yet for family members that must make the decision, they can at least do so with the assurance that there are plenty of home care options in Chilliwack to consider. And altough these options operate differently, they all strive to provide the best kind in-home care that they possibly can.