Gifts for Seniors

Need gift ideas for a senior loved one? You’ve come to the right place. From care packages to unique products, gifts for seniors are designed especially to bring joy to your older loved ones. Whether you’re choosing for someone nearby or far away, living in their own home or in a community, there is a perfect gift for everyone.

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Packages That Care boxes are intended to give seniors a one-time or monthly treat with a collection of items they will enjoy or that they often run out of, such as tissues and toothpaste. All the items in each box have been OKed by geriatric care professionals for safety, practicality and ease of use. Learn more.



Lemon Drop Gifts

Lemon Drop Gifts is a gift box subscription service designed to help adult children, grandchildren, nieces, and friends set up regular gift deliveries to mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and friends. Subscribers can elect to send a single box or choose a multi-month subscription. Box items may include food, tea, stationery, fashion jewelry, and accessories. Learn more.



Thoughtful Senior Gifts

Thoughtful Senior Gifts offers a curated selection of items designed to appeal to the tastes of older adults, make their lives easier, and brighten up their homes and gardens. The shop’s owners say they’ve tested many of the offerings with their own senior family members. Learn more.



Jubilee Celebrations by Wellhaven

Jubilee Celebrations by Wellhaven focuses on gifts for special milestones, including 80th, 90th, and 100th birthdays, retirement, and 25th to 60th wedding anniversaries. The shop also includes categories for grandparents, lifelong friends, and people who appreciate a good joke. Learn more.



The Grandparent Gift Co

The Grandparent Gift Co. sells a range of dozens of special occasion and family-focused gifts for parents, great-grandparents, babies, newlyweds, godparents, children, aunts, uncles, and close friends. Their items are carried in some retail boutiques as well as in the company’s online store. Learn more.



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