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Nursing Homes in Bend, Oregon

The discussion of nursing home care isn't at the top of anyone's bucket list. In fact, most people tend to put it off until the last minute, which only increases the stress everyone feels when discussing it. There are many factors that go into the decision to move a loved one in a nursing home, but the bottom line is about finding the right care for aging parents and grandparents. Once the family makes the decision, there are four principles to keep in mind. First, the ideal nursing home should be conveniently located to as many family members as possible. Second, it should provide the highest possible care for all medical conditions. Third, it should provide seniors with a welcoming, supportive environment. And fourth, the cost is manageable and the facility accepts payments from insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and savings.

Discovering Bend

Bend was originally a logging city, but it eventually turned into a gateway for outdoor sports, including mountain biking, fishing, hiking, camping, rock-climbing, whitewater rafting, and Paragliding. For outdoor activities, it's one of the best places in the country to live. In addition, there are a number of museums and historical spots in the city for residents and tourists. For those who like sports, there is a baseball, basketball, and soccer league, and Bend is home to cross-country ski team XC Oregon. The city has 11 parks, which means there is a wide range of activities available to those who want to get outside more often. Nursing homes in the area take advantage of the outdoors whenever possible, which keeps residents active and happy.



Location is an important consideration when a loved one enters a nursing home. Ideally, you want your loved one to be close to as many family members as possible so they have a solid support system. However, it is more important that there is consistency in the senior's life, so if the family isn't close, it may make more sense to place them in a home nearest the most responsible person.

Level of Care Provided

Next, you should consider the level of care a nursing home provides to its residents. As individuals age, they need more attention and, sometimes, medical care. If your loved one has experienced a heart attack, stroke, or other illness, you want to ensure the nursing home can take care of them. Find out what certifications the nursing home has, what kind of training they provide for the staff, what type of certifications the staff has, if there is a medical doctor on hand, what happens if someone needs to be taken to the hospital, and so on. Once the staff answers your questions, you can compare the facilities on like terms.

Environment for Residents

The environment of a nursing home should be supportive and nurturing, and if it's not, it's probably not the best place for your loved one. Parents and grandparents should be able to connect with the other residents, and with the nursing home staff, as these people will become like a second family to them. If your loved one is stressed out about their living arrangement, it could make things worse for their health and cause emotional problems within the family. It's better to find a nursing home with a caring, supportive atmosphere that your loved one enjoys.

Paying for Nursing Home Care

It is important for families to have a realistic idea of what nursing homes costs. The average annual cost is $50,000, and rising, depending on location and amenities. That's an overwhelming amount of money for many families, especially those who haven't planned for it. Families with aging parents and grandparents should look into long-term care insurance, which often covers the cost of nursing homes. Those who attempt to pay out-of-pocket tend to burn through their savings within six months of entering the nursing home, which could have negative consequences for their loved one. Eligibility for Medicare and Medicaid varies by state, so that's another option families should look into, as well.

Dealing with the financial aspect of nursing home care can be a hassle; however, one it's out of the way, finding the right nursing home is a good thing for everyone involved. It gives aging seniors the care and stability they need, and provides family members with peace of mind about the comfort of their loved ones. Although most people would like to be able to care for their parents or grandparents themselves, they also have to think about their lives and what's feasible. Nursing homes can be a great option, but families need to do their research ahead of time.