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Senior Apartments in Arkansas

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In many ways, Arkansas is the gateway to the South. It has also been dealing with the stereotype of being a bit of a backwoods state; something that was first foisted upon the landscape by frontiersmen even before it officially became a state in 1836. Yet this stereotype doesn't hold much ground, especially considering the people that called Arkansas home; an eclectic group that ranges from former President Bill Clinton to retail mogul Sam Walton. If anything, the wide range of influential people that have come from Arkansas gives a clue as to how truly diverse and dynamic this state truly is. Indeed, it makes for a fine residence for seniors that want to experience a genuine slice of Southern living, and this is made even more possible when the vast network of senior living communities that are found within the state are considered.

A Look at Arkansas

Like most of the states in the South, Arkansas has a rich history connected to the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement. Various affects and artifacts from both historic periods are found throughout the state, including state capital Little Rock.

The state's economy is generally driven by various rustic and industrial endeavors like agriculture, forestry, and mining along with more modern businesses like retail and communications. It has built up a solid reputation for being an inviting business hub, as it is known for having the second lowest cost of doing business. It also is considered to be the most affordable state in the country. This latter metric could be of particular interest for golden agers that find themselves on a fixed income, as it means that living in Arkansas can allow them to stretch their dollar a little further than they may be able to in other states.

Another prime mover of the economy is tourism, a metric that somewhat helps to loosen the state from various backwoods stereotypes. Some of this tourism is derived from the varying landscape that this state nicknamed "The Natural State" has to offer, from its 52 state parks and 7 national parks, to the inherent majesty of the Ozark Mountain range. Other tourism draws include the state's ties to history, including those that move beyond the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement such as the William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library.

Another element that shines a more sophisticated light on Arkansas is the diverse cultural opportunities that the state has to offer. The state's major cities such as Little Rock and Fayetteville boast various large-scale art galleries, museums, and fine arts encounters. These pursuits create an intriguing juxtaposition that plays off of some of the state's annual festivals, which tend to be a little more on the downhome side of things. Several of these fetes are linked to the state's musical heritage, which stretch from blues to bluegrass. These musical expressions are celebrated through events like the Bikes, Blues, and BBQ festival in Fayetteville to the Ozark Folk Festival in Mountain View.

What Makes Senior Living Communities in Arkansas Great

From a collective standpoint, the senior living landscape that is scattered about Arkansas is one that is built on a solid foundation of dignity and liveliness. This framework is achieved by simply allowing the golden agers that live in their highly accredited facilities to be as independent as possible without getting in their way unless a dire medical situation happens to arise. In other words, if a senior can get along just fine without help, these facilities will step aside and let him or her do so.

With that being said, this does not mean that these special facilities are totally invisible. In fact, one of their strengths is that they put together a vast host of various activities and scenarios each day that organically encourage seniors to mix and mingle with each other in a safe, secure environment. The rationale behind this strategy is to create situations in which friendships and bonds can ultimately be developed and nutured - elements that can make it easier for seniors to get out and about and experience a life of fullness.

Living a Lively Life in Arkansas

If you think living in Arkansas is all about banjos and hillbillies, think again. The truth is, Arkansas's combination of history and culture provides a vibrant and sophisticated living experience -- one that is more affordable than the average city to boot. It is a place that also provides a fun, dynamic living experience for golden agers. The vast network of senior living communities within the state sees to that.

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