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Residential Care Home in Alberta

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Senior Living Communities in Alberta

In a lot of ways, the prairie province of Alberta represents Western Canada at its most ideal setting. This province of about 4.1 million residents could earn such a distinction because it is a land where the power of the oil industry, the downhome nature of cowboy culture, and the spectacular nature of the Canadian Rockies all meet. This particular convergence makes Alberta a most intriguing province to call home and it is also a dynamic place for seniors looking to move out west to consider. This latter aspect is especially the case once esteemed network of senior living communities that fit within Alberta's borders are considered.

Alberta at a Glance

As a whole, Alberta possesses a terrifically rustic vibe. One of the key reasons it possesses such an ambience is somewhat fueled by the province's geography. The vast prairie lands that dominate Alberta's southeast region allow it to be home to several effects that are usually associated with the traditional mores of the Old West. Some of these elements include ranching, solid ties to the agricultural industry and some rather surprising animals like the prairie rattlesnake. This link with the Western lifestyle is famously celebrated by the province through the Calgary Stampede. This annual event celebrates the romance of cowboy culture over a 10-day period within the confines of Alberta's most populous city, and its allure attracts about one million visitors per year.

Even though Alberta's agricultural ties do provide a measure of fortification to its overall economy, the prime mover behind the province's economic landscape is solidly built on the strength of the petroleum industry. Alberta's rich Athabasca oil sands that are found in the northern part of the province have made its economy one of the mightiest in the world. It is an economic that is so sturdy, it has helped to facilitate immense population growth along the population density of the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor; an estimated 400 kilometer chunk of territory that connects Calgary to Alberta's provincial capital.

Another sizeable stabilizing factor in Alberta's overall economy is linked to tourism; an industry that goes well beyond the boundaries of the Stampede. The Canadian Rockies that run along the province's western region have long made it a superb destination for outdoor tourism, as people will flock to places like Jasper National Park and Banff National Park to indulge in activities from hiking and camping in the summer to skiing in the winter. The terrific quality of the latter activities are so well-respected, it allowed Calgary to host the 1988 Winter Olympics. Alberta also draws plenty of tourism dollars from other destinations around the province, such as the sprawling West Edmonton Mall and Edmonton’s K-Days festival.

What Makes Senior Living Communities in Alberta so Great

The senior living communities that are found within Alberta’s borders work so well because they more or less encourage seniors to live full lives that are built on a cornerstone of as much independence and self-reliance as possible. These fully accredited facilities run on the notion that they will not interfere with the lives of their residential seniors unless it is absolutely necessary for them to do so, such as in the case of an immediate emergency. This means that senior residents can feel free to go about their business with as much freedom as their body and mind will allow.

With that being said, this does not mean that these facilities are completely out of the sight of their residents. In fact, one of things that they do extremely well is act as a conduit of sorts for peer-to-peer mixing and mingling to occur. They do this by cobbling together a daily slate of activities that encourages like-minded seniors to connect with each other within the safety and security of the residence. Ultimately, these activities could lead to the formation of important friendships and bonds, which could in turn potentially make it easier for seniors to get out and explore all that Alberta has to offer.

Living a Lively Life in Alberta

The sheer rustic quality that envelops Alberta as a whole flows as strongly as the oil that lurks beneath the surface of the province’s oils sands. It is an ambiance that makes it the very notion of relaxing and taking joy in the province’s brilliant surroundings very attainable for the senior set. And because of the way in which the senior living communities within Alberta operate, seniors can take comfort in knowing that all of the province’s goodness can be made even more attainable.

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