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Senior Living Communities and Carein Wyoming

In many respects, Wyoming is still the untamed Wild West. It's a big state - the 10th biggest state in the country, in face - yet it is the least populous and second least densely populated state in the union. But what this state of some 584,000 residents lack in population, it more than makes up for in the type of rustic charm that one could easily imagine flowing freely when the state was admitted into the union back in 1890. When you combine this ambiance with some of the state's iconic natural landmarks, it becomes clear that Wyoming is a much more fascinating state to live in than what the lack of population may imply. It is certainly a terrific place for seniors to live, especially when the mix of senior living communities that are found throughout the state are considered.

Wyoming at a Glance

There's no doubt that Wyoming embraces its rustic, Old West-tinged nature. To wit: Its state mammal is the American Bison, its state nickname is the Cowboy State, and the state sport is rodeo. As such, one can be assured that they are into perpetuating a romantic image of the way Wyoming was and continues to be.

Wyoming has one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the country. A lot of its allure in this regard can be witnessed by paying a visit to some of the state's natural icons. And there are a lot of these places to choose from. Yellowstone National Park is here, as is Grand Teton National Park, Devil's Tower National Monument, and various sites along the Oregon National Historic Trail and the Pony Express National Historic Trail.

One of the reasons why Wyoming has so many well-preserved landmarks is due to the protective nature of the land itself. Over 48% of the state's land is U.S. government-owned, and the state itself owns another 6% of the land.

Needless to say, travel and tourism represent prime movers in Wyoming's overall economic health and stability. It is estimated that some six million people pass through Wyoming's national parks and monuments each year. This industry is joined by other industries that seamlessly tie into the state's wide open, rustic nature, such the extraction of minerals like coal and diamonds as well as agriculture. This latter industry is driven in part by how the state is designed as a whole, as over 90% of the state's land is classified as being rural.

The state also has a reputation for being a rather tax-friendly state. There is no corporate income tax levied by the state, nor is there individual tax levied. Additionally, the state has a low sales tax of 4%. These metrics may be of some interest to fixed income seniors that are looking to stretch their dollar a little further.

A Look at Wyoming's Senior Living Communities

The senior living communities that are found within Wyoming's borders are run in a way that ultimately encourages a strong sense of dignity for its residential seniors. At the same time, they strive to promote as much of a sense of liveliness brought about on an independent means as they possibly can. The chief way in which this goal is accomplished is by enabling golden agers to be as self-reliant as possible.

With that being said, this does not mean that they are completely invisible. In most senior living situations, the facilities primarily make their presence known by rolling out various activities every day that encourage their residents to be social and active. This ultimately encourages golden agers to live their lives as full as they possibly can. It also helps them to interact with new people in their peer group, which could ultimately lead to the creation of special friendships and unique bonds - things that could make it easier for them to live a full life.

Living Lively in Wyoming

Wyoming is sparsely populated, but that is what makes it such a charming state. Certainly, the lack of population has allowed the state to do a great job of preserving the natural splendor that existed long before mankind infiltrated the land. And this landscape, along with other modern touches like a forgiving tax set up, has allowed it to be one of the West's most charming states to live. And thanks to the state's senior living communities, the golden agers can take comfort in knowing that they will be able to enjoy that charm as much as possible.

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