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Senior Living Communities in Saskatchewan

There is no doubt about it: Saskatchewan is Canada's heartland. It is a province of open space and rustic ambience; one that is filled with the kind of simple romantic sweep that may appeal to those that are looking for a break from a place where the pace may be quicker. It's definitely the kind of province that a senior who wants to tap into the typical Canadian Midwest lifestyle can easily enjoy. And this is especially the case once the province’s vast network of senior living communities is involved.

A Look at Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan can easily wear the crown of Canadian heartland simply due to its geographic positioning. This prairie province of some 1.1 million residents is one of only two completely landlocked provinces in the country, with neighboring Alberta being the other. It is also significantly far from any major body of water. Furthermore, its landscape is chiefly made up of flat terrain. Yet while these may not look like selling points, the beauty of Saskatchewan is that it has long used these unique features to its advantage, especially from an economic standpoint.

Traditionally, Saskatchewan has had sturdy ties to agriculture. Indeed, the province still grows a substantial amount of the country's grain. Yet at the same time, it should be noted that Saskatchewan's economic landscape goes well beyond the wheat field. It is an important player in the world of mining, as it is known as the world’s largest exporter of potash and uranium. What's more, it is strongly involved in the natural gas and oil industries. In fact, only Alberta bests Saskatchewan in terms of oil production.

Saskatchewan also has one of Canada's more intriguing weather patterns. It has been said that the province receives more hours of sunshine per year than the other provinces. Plus, the lack of a major body of water means that the temperatures here tend to be a little warmer compared to elsewhere, since there is no water to help regulate the temperature. As expected, this weather has a particularly positive effect in the lower third of Saskatchewan, which is where most of the province's residents live. This section of the province is also home to the provincial capital, Regina.

Saskatchewan is also known for being leading exporters of a uniquely Canadian product – hockey players that go on to play in the National Hockey League. Saskatchewan has produced over 500 NHL players over the years, allowing it to boast the highest per capita output of any Canadian province, U.S. state, or European nation. And the players they have produced aren’t exactly slouches – Legends like Hall of Famers Gordie Howe, Bernie Federko, and Eddie Shore all originally come from Saskatchewan.

What Makes Senior Living Communities in Saskatchewan so Great

The senior living communities that are located within Saskatchewan’s borders work as well as they do because they more or less encourage seniors to live a life of fullness; one that is built on a foundation of as much independence as they can handle. These fully accredited facilities will not interfere with the lives of their senior residents unless it is absolutely imperative for them to do so, like if a sudden medical issue would happen to occur. This essentially allows seniors to enjoy the freedom to go their business as long as their mind and body are up to the challenge.

With that being said, this does not mean that these facilities are completely transparent. In fact, one of the chief goals behind these facilities is to encourage peer-to-peer engagement to occur amongst their senior residents by creating a daily slate of activities; these functions encourage like-minded seniors to connect with each other within a safe and secure environment, which can ultimately lead to the formation of friendships and bonds. These types of connections are the very elements that could potentially make it easier for seniors to get out and live life to its fullest.

Enjoying the Lively Life in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan's wide open landscape and the way it is embraced drive the soul of the province, creating an inimitable heartland vibe that some may find refreshing. For seniors that want to experience this kind of pure, humble ambiance that seemingly can only come from this kind of setting, they can be assured that the senior living communities that are found within Saskatchewan's borders will play a big part in helping them enjoy a piece of this soul whenever they want.

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