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Senior Living and Care in Washington

Washington is the only state in the union to technically be named after a president. And in a way, this state of some 7.1 million residents symbolizes everything that the Founding Father stood for. It is a beautiful state filled with lush scenery, it is a leader in innovation through its involvement in various technological touchstones, and it is known for being an immensely tax friendly state. All of these metrics help to make it one of the most dynamic places in the western United States to live. And considering the vast number of senior living communities that are found within the Evergreen State's borders, this sense of dynamics is strong amongst the senior set, as well.

A Look at Washington

Washington may have one of the most famous economic landscapes in the country. It is famously the corporate home of Microsoft and Starbucks, and it has a well-respected reputation for being an industry leader in manufacturing, lumber, and fishing. The diversity of the landscape enables Washington to retain a rustic feel even as it is known for being one of the country's most essential technological hubs.

One of the ways that it keeps its bucolic soul is because of the abundance of natural encounters that exist throughout the state. It is more or less split in the middle by the high mountains of the Cascade Range, and this range is responsible for some of the Pacific Northwest's most gorgeous scenery. The state's southeastern section is also home to a climate so dry that it has produced large desert landscapes - a surprising feature considering Washington's rain-soaked reputation.

The reason why Washington is such a haven for natural splendor has to do in part with how the state's population is divvied up. The metropolitan area that surrounds the state's Seattle-Tacoma area is home to nearly two-thirds of the state's population, which allows plenty of room for lush fields to grow and for indigenous wildlife to frolic. Some of these natural areas are key components in driving the state's overall tourism, such as the sprawling Olympic National Park in the state's northwest corner.

The state also has one of the more unique tax situations in the country, as well. It is one of the seven states in the country that does not impose a state income tax, nor does it collect a corporate income tax or a franchise tax on its businesses. Their tax structure has led to the formation of arguably the most famous "border economic" situation in the country between the southern city of Vancouver and its neighboring town of Portland, Oregon. Because Oregon does not levy sales tax, it is a rather common practice for Vancouver residents to do all their shopping across the Columbia River in Portland in order to maximize their tax breaks.

What Makes Senior Living Communities in Washington so Great

One of the main reasons as to why Washington's vast network of assisted living facilities works as well as they do is because they encourage seniors to live full lives that are driven by self-reliance and independence. These highly accredited facilities will not blatantly intrude upon the lives of their golden age residents if it is deemed unnecessary to do so, such as in the case of a sudden and swift medical emergency. In layman's terms, golden agers can all feel free to go about their business in the manner that best suits their body and mind.

That's not to say that these senior living communities are completely removed from the seniors' lives. One of the primary goals of these special facilities is to act as the originator for peer-to-peer connection, as they are adept at putting together a slate of daily activities and functions designed to draw like-minded seniors together in an environment that is safe and convenient. Ultimately, these connections can lead to the formation of friendships and the cultivation of bonds, which can ultimately make it easier for them to explore the surrounding splendor.

Enjoying the Washington Lifestyle

It doesn't matter if one is drawn to Washington because of it beautiful nature, its stable economy, or its friendly tax situation. What does matter is that everyone that lives here has the chance to live in one of the most fascinating states in the union. The contrast that exists here between the bustle of the greater Seattle area and the rustic affects of the vast remainder of the state makes it almost feel like two different states. Yet it is indeed all one entity, and golden agers can be assured that the senior living communities that are found in the state will help them enjoy Washington however they see fit.