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Memory Care in Kentucky

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Top Cities in Kentucky

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When people think of Kentucky their minds generally hop straight to bourbon swelling, horse racing and Kentucky fried chicken, and while these are all highlights offered by the Bluegrass State, there are so many more attractions. The cost of living in Kentucky is low, the house prices are below average, and there is a plethora of cultural and historical delights, a burgeoning arts scene and numerous outdoor activities that are sure to keep everyone busy, no matter what their hobbies or interests are. Kentucky is found in the east south-central part of United States, and this gives its residents a mixture of Midwestern warmth and southern hospitality that makes it one of the friendliest states to retire to. It shares its borders with Tennessee, Ohio, Virginia, Indiana, Missouri, West Virginia and Illinois, and it is a land of diverse waterways, environments, towns and attractions that keep golden agers coming to the state to retire over and over again.

The Economy in Kentucky

Agriculture is the main contributor to Kentucky's economy, but that isn't to say it is the only one. Automobile manufacturing, medical facilities and energy products all make up a part of Kentucky's thriving economy. Kentucky was soon made known for its fertile soils and vast spaces, and it didn't take long for these to be taken advantage of. Horse breeding and racing is one the highest earners in Kentucky, and every year the Kentucky Derby takes place in Louisville. The agriculture also extends to food production and Kentucky produces fine wines as well as grains, and nationally it ranks 5th in goat production, 8th in cattle production and 14th in corn production. This diverse and stable economy makes Kentucky a safe and reliable place to settle for golden agers wanting to retire.

Not only is the economy strong in Kentucky, but it also boasts a low cost of living. The average cost of living in Kentucky is 14% lower than the national median and this makes it an easy place on the nest egg. Houses are also below the national average price, and are sitting at about $113,800 and your first $41,000 of retirement income or pension is tax-free. Sales and income tax is below the national average, and there is no tax on social security. These factors combined with a strong economy make Kentucky a wise choice for retirees to settle down and make a new home.

Medical Facilities in Kentucky

Golden agers in Kentucky have a variety of different hospitals, medical centers, doctors and specialists to choose from throughout the state. Kentucky has over 125 hospitals in its borders and these include Baptist Health Lexington, Baptist Health Louisville, St. Elizabeth Edgewood, University of Kentucky Albert B. Chandler Hospital and the Norton Hospital. This wide array of options means that senior community members have a choice of what level of care, and which institute to go to, if they or their loved ones ever have the need for medical attention.

Senior Living Communities in Kentucky

You will find active senior communities almost all over the state, and where retirees choose to live is dependent on their wants and needs as individuals and how they would like to spend their time. The largest city, Louisville, is more expensive than other towns, and full of tourists, thus most golden agers choose to give this part of the state a wide berth. One of the most popular senior living communities is found in Bowling Green, which has a population of around 57,000 people. It has burgeoning arts and culture scene and a huge array of restaurants; it offers the big city amenities with a small town charm. Another popular spot for retirees is the small town of Murray. It has a population of about 16,000 people and a cost of living that is 17.5% lower than the national average. It is a nature lover's paradise as it boasts a plethora of outdoor activities to choose from such as fishing, hiking, biking and canoeing. It is not without its culture either and has a surprisingly strong arts and culture scene. Other popular areas in Kentucky for retirees include Lexington, Jeffersontown and Burlington, just to mention a few.

Kentucky is a diverse state that has kept golden agers coming to its towns and settling down for a number of years, and with the amount of options available, it comes as no surprise. With its low cost living, below average house prices, arts, culture and outdoor scene it is easy to see why Kentucky makes a perfect place for retirement.

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