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Customer Reviews



I’ve been trying to get issues resolved for weeks with this agency and keep getting told the CEO would get in touch with me....... No issues resolved. No follow up. Weeks passing. So a review of my honest feelings and experiences it is!

I have a long history with this agency. My initial impression a couple years ago was very negative and I spoke to the CEO [name removed], who listened to my concerns and temporarily made things better by having the agency send more tenured caregivers..... So we stayed for a long time and found some great caregivers who genuinely cared about my dad. But sad that it always seems to take causing a big, public stink to get the services everyone deserves all along.

Fast forward to now. My dad’s condition has changed, and there seems to be very few competent caregivers who can expertly handle a bedridden patient and a very noticeable drop in competency in the staff. Firstly, the scheduler [name removed] does not need to be in any people facing capacity. She is WILDLY unprofessional and unpleasant to interact with. A simple schedule change provokes an attitude from her, and I have gotten into several verbal altercations with her. I asked to only work with [name removed], who is much more competent in customer service.

Second, we have struggled to find a caregiver skilled in repositioning my imobile dad in his bed and changing him, despite this being a requirement for their state certification. Where do they find these incompetent people?? For $21/hour I feel I should be able to call their agency and get an expert who will be able to come in and handle him with efficiency and diligence. But that has very seldom been the case. There are a few caregivers that have come out who have had facility experience and have been EXCELLENT, but the sad truth is that they are few and far between. I have gone in and his bed has been soiled and the caregiver sitting down playing with her phone.... I have gone to clean him about 30 minutes after a caregiver left only to find him covered in dried stool. I have been asked by a caregiver how to turn him.... Tonight the caregiver who was supposed to come out was irritated that our house was far back in the woods, got 3/4 through our driveway to the point that I confirmed I could see her car, then she turned around and left in irritation..... It’s absolutely ridiculous and unprofessional. The RN, [name removed], is very kind and empathetic and goes the extra mile to try to rectify my issues, but it is much larger than her. She is just one person at an agency full of staff who just don’t give a [language removed].

Third, their record upkeep is terrible. My dad is bedridden and has a feeding tube, but on some caregivers’ agendas it still says to prepare his meals and monitor him on the toilet..... so these caregivers come in completely unprepared for what is actually needed. They come in and I ask what they know about my dad’s needs, and they say nothing even though I have explained it numerous times to the staff before sending someone new out. So what was the original assessment for if it wasn’t to pass the info to the people that would come in and care for him.....?

Several of my coworkers are searching for caregiving agencies for their loved ones and ask me pretty frequently who I would recommend. Sadly we live in an area with very few options, so I explain that if there are any other options, don’t choose this agency because they only care about collecting the $21/hour without making sure they can provide $21/hour quality. They are constantly increasing their prices while decreasing the standards of who they hire. I am completely disappointed and will take the tens of thousands of dollars we would normally spend with them elsewhere the first chance I get.

Mark Ross

Local Representative

I want to personally thank you for sharing your feedback with Right at Home of East Atlanta. We are committed to providing you high quality care, and we take your feedback very seriously. We express regret that our service did not satisfy your expectations. We set a high standard for ourselves and are truly sorry to hear that standard was not met in your interaction with our business.
Please note that we are taking appropriate action to ensure that competency, communication, and ongoing training is addressed by all of our staff members. I am glad that we spoke, so I could hear all of your concerns. Moving forward our goal is that you are satisfied with the care, we provide you Dad. My team is aware of your concerns and they are addressing them. I look forward to us speaking at the end of the week as a follow up.
Once again, thank you for your feedback. Your comments are important to us. If you ever have any additional feedback regarding our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can take action. My team is available 24 hours a day.

Review of Right at Home - Covington, GA

They do a good job taking care of our loved one. Very good w/schedule changes and adjusting to our requests for our loved one.

good help when I need it

I did most things myself but it was good to have Right at Home to come in and help out with mom whenever I needed to get out. The service was really great. The only issue I can say that I ever had with them is one of the times that I had an appointment, she didn't know that we had a dog and she was terrified of dogs, so that didn't work out. Other than that it has been a good experience.

Review of Right at Home in Covington, GA

I really appreciate the help we received form Right at Home. Every caregiver was professional and helpful! They treated my husband with care and dignity. He was an extremely independent person and the caregivers understood and respected him and were able to help him without making him feel worse for needing the assistance. We are very grateful!

Review of Right at Home East Atlanta in Covington, GA

I am very disappointed to lose her! Our short time together has been very successful and extremely pleasant. The entire family loves Brandy and hates to see her go!

Review of Right at Home East Atlanta in Covington, GA

We are extremely pleased with everyone at Right at Home, from the office workers to all the CNAs. My mother in law talks about how helpful all "Her" ladies are.

Review of Right at Home East Atlanta in Covington, GA

My mom was discharged from hospital and wanted to stay in her own home. We were scared but she insisted. The hospital recommended Right at Home. They came out the same day and got started. Mom loves her caregiver and has recovered. She kept the service for shorter hours just to help with house work and taking her shopping. Mom still feels like she is the "boss" and we don't worry. Thank you Right at Home.

Review of Right at Home in Covington, GA

Right at Home is an asset for the community. Ms. Becky is a very experienced and dedicated caregiver.

Review of Right at Home in Covington, GA

Very organized and they are very helpful and always send out good people to our home. We are very attached to our caregiver. She is like family.

Review of Right at Home in Covington, GA

I have received excellent care. No complaints. I would highly recommend Right at Home!

Review of Right At Home Home Care in Covington, GA

They do well and I appreciate them.

Good service

Right at Home does a great job overall. I've heard nothing but good things from my loved one. She's always able to get the help she needs when she needs it, and everyone she's worked with has been friendly and professional.

Professional At-Home Care for My Father

Right at Home provided well-trained caregivers who were professional, personal and caring for my dad during a recent fall and hospitalization. I heartily commend this agency to you. Mark Ross and his colleagues are professional, communicative and very responsive service providers. We do not hesitate to call upon them, and are always treated professionally by all in his office. Their team knows caregiving, understands the importance of knowing their client and the client and family's hot buttons, is responsive at all hours of the day, night and weekends, and extremely helpful and professional in billing and administrative issues. We were well pleased and will immediately use them again when the need arises. In fact, my parents actually referred them to friends in need of a caregiver, and those friends have now become one of Right at Home's newest clients. We are so lucky to have this agency right here in our community!

Caring for my grandmother

My grandmother can be an extremely challenging person. Because of her dementia process, she is very obstinant. Right at Home allowed my grandmother to remain in her home safely for a few months before it was time to move to assisted living. The staff members were always prompt and courteous. Their care and compassion for her was outstanding. When my family would become frustrated, their staff showed gentleness and tenderness. On two different occasions, they were able to protect her from people who were looking to take advantage of seniors, either by phone or in person. I highly recommend their services and will forever be thankful for the care shown to my grandmother.


The Care Givers are wonderful. The administration is horrible.
They seem to be a "start-up" company fumbling with a lack of knowledge. Their prices are high compared to others locally in the industry.

Mark Ross

Local Representative

I regret that Mr. Anderson has not received the experience that he expected. We were in the process of converting to a new homecare software that provides more tools for our staff to manage client and caregiver needs. Our goal is to provide better service and information for our clients and their families via the internet. We appreciate Mr. Anderson expressing his concerns and we ask that any concerns be expressed to us directly so that we can address issues quickly. We work hard to meet client expectations. I spoke with Mr. Anderson today and I am glad that he continues to allow Right at Home to take care of his homecare needs. Respectfully, Mark Ross - Agency Director

From the Provider

We provide:
COMPANIONSHIP/HOMEMAKING: Safety supervision, transportation and light housekeeping
PHYSICAL ASSISTANCE: Ambulatory and dressing assistance
HYGIENE: Bathing and other personal care services
WELLNESS: Medication reminders, meal planning and preparation

Proud to be approved by the Dept. of Veteran Affairs to provide Home Care to eligible veterans and we also participate in the CCSP / SOURCE Medicaid Waiver program.