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What if your policy could work for you…while you are living? TM

It is impossible to predict how future life events will unfold when we initially purchase life insurance. Over the years and many premium payments later, the wealth and success of our heirs could equal or exceed our own. Estate laws that provided little shelter could have broadened. We could also lose the spouse or beneficiary that our policy had initially aimed to cover. If only we could guarantee that the coverage purchased in our youth would suit our needs forevermore. Unfortunately, we cannot.

The professionals at Life Trust Settlement Advocates (LiTSATM) provide access to the liquidity needed when your life insurance policy is no longer working for you. In fact, we are able to obtain a settlement for more than otherwise attainable through traditional policy surrender in many cases.

Transfer your outdated, unwanted, or high-cost life insurance policy and possibly end premium payments once and for all. Tap into the monetary value contained within your life insurance policy should your health decline or if you would rather use the money for long-term care or unexpected medical and/or living expenses. At Life Trust Settlement Advocates (LiTSATM),
we deliver flexible relief for policy owners with a diminished need or no need for
death benefits, when tax liabilities or estate values decline, or when you simply
hold more coverage than you need.