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Customer Reviews

Avoid at all costs

I've only reviewed this place as half of a star because I have to. The staff at this place treat the residents terrible. There is favouritism on a daily basis and if the staff do not "like you" then the experience is less than desirable.

While visiting my loved one I have personally witnessed care staff responding to her with attitude/rude remarks, ignoring requests and being spoken to as if she is nothing more than a child. When you place your trust and hard earned money in the hands of people you consider to be professionals, you expect the level of respect and support that involves basic human decency.

Heard of Senior care nightmares and terrible experiences? This place is the perfect example. Avoid this place at all costs and save you and your loved one the time, frustration and humiliation of this experience.


All residents should be treated equal and they are not. Some residents are getting special privileges and this needs to be reported or looked into. Only place your family member here if you have no other choice.
If your family member needs an assessement to see what level they are at be prepared for a lot of negative comments about your loved one. ZERO RATING!

Overall staff is terrible with the seniors. They should all be treated equal but some has special privileges. Attitudes of the staff are horrible.

overall the staff is terrible with the seniors, all care should be equal and some residents are getting better care than others.