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The truth about Griswold Home Care

Are you thinking of having your elderly parents looked after by Griswold Home Care?
Do you want your loved one sit in his diaper for hours until it explodes?
Do you want him left unsupervised as the aid is outside on the phone instead of doing her job?
Do you want to have to call the police to report neglect because the agency won't do anything about it?
Do you want your loved one to be screamed at because he can't get his own shoe on at 94?
How about walking in at 8pm while the Aide & Dad were at the kitchen table. You ask what Dad had for dinner. The aide says, "Nothing." Why? She couldn't find the food. How about the refrigerator?
Do you want your house cleaned out of valuables by a caretaker?
Do you want someone flat out lie to you or just not tell you that no one was booked for a shift? When you call them about problems, they say, "Our Aides are highly trained and experienced," only to be told later that they do not train their Aides at all.
Next a family member was being accused of screaming at an aide and witnesses said absolutely not?
Does that work for you? Contact Griswold Home Care of the Lehigh Valley.

They’re wonderful!

They’re wonderful! When I was just by to visit them recently. They are very, v ery pleased with the value of the community. If anyone is looking for services, I would recommend this community completely.

Okay as long as you get the right fit

The first person sent spent the day on her cell phone and then disregarded the payment agreement. I called and requested a new person and the second person sent was awesome. Caring and friendly and followed all the procedures set up. I did not like that we could not set better hours so I would have liked more flexibility with times needed!

From the Provider

Since 1982, GRISWOLD SPECIAL CARE makes every reasonable effort to refer the highest quality Caregivers at the lowest possible cost for home care services. Professional Caregivers are expertly screened before referral to meet the individualized needs of our clients. Our frequent contact and follow-up with each client helps us maintain our desired quality and level of home care. GRISWOLD SPECIAL CARE services include: Personal care, homemaking and companionship with flexible hourly, weekend, overnight and live-in care options. Our reliable and dedicated 24/7 staff will be glad to assist you with any information you might need when making this important decision for you or your loved one(s).