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Customer Reviews

I really like this place very much - Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center. Their therapy is very excellent. Nurses are caring an nice. Food and room are very good too. They have church services for patients and very interesting activities with outside trips.

Scheduled a FAKE tour

I sent a query to and they phoned me on Eastern Time when I was in Mountain Time - waking me very early in the morning. They took my information and sent a follow-up. Then the barrage of phone calls and emails began from various facilities - even ones not recommended by I had other family members also looking for a housing solution. We ended up using a suggestion from my sister-in-law. I conveyed this to on their follow-up call BUT scheduled a FAKE tour of the facility for me in an attempt to fain involvement in the placement of my loved one. I can only assume this was for money. Not impressed by

Home Away from Home

I feel very comfortable knowing that my father is in very good hands. My mother spent her last years at Shawnee
Springs also. When it became time to find a safe place for my father, we knew that Shawnee Springs would be our
first choice. We have come to know some very dedicated
people who truly care for their charges. We also received
some very helpful advice on some difficult matters. Our nurses are very efficient, kind and always upbeat. Dad's
Social worker spent a lot of time with me, helping me to
understand how all of the different systems work. I truly
appreciate all of the support that I received. I want to thank
everyone who has helped my Dad and continue to do so.

Port Charlotte rehabilitation center

My husband [name removed] who is blind and dementia stayed at this facility in Deep creek,fl while I was away in South America for 10 days. I want thank everyone who was involved in taking care of him
I am very happy with this Center for high standards. Clean environment. I note i was greeted and welcome by the staff i met. I want to thank [name removed] for helping with the records from doctors office and putting things quickly to make the transactions run smoothly.I grade this facility with the highest standard.keep this up. Made my day.

Home Instead Senior Care- Bowling Green KY

The admin team is kind, courteous, and helpful! I love [name removed]! [name removed] is more like family rather than my caregiver. I don't know how I'd get along without her! When [name removed] is away her replacements always seem to please me.

Shelby Health and Rehabilitation Center

My father was at Shelby Health and Rehabilitation Center in December 2017 and again in March 2018. On both occasions we were very pleased with the care and attentiveness of the staff. The rooms are clean and never smelled strange. We were pleased with his stay and would take him there again if needed.

SCS gem

My sister was a resident at Shorepointe Nursing Center in Saint Clair Shores for several weeks. I can't say enough good things about this facility. The nursing staff was very professional and compassionate. I felt confident that she was well taken care of. I would recommend this facility in a minute.

Annoying and [Removed] and not useful

I tried to contact a senior living facility online, but ended up getting a call back from I did not want to work with them from the beginning, but they were very pushy. I was already working with a similar service to find a senior living facility. None of these services do anything more than what you can do yourself. It's pretty easy to just search the internet and find the same places they will tell you about. But be careful, sometimes you think you are contacting a facility directly, but you end up with or another service.

I started getting emails and phone calls from someone from to find out if I had found my mom a place and I kept reminding them I really didn't need their service since they weren't giving me any information I didn't already have.

My mom's situation changed and she ended up living with me. When called again for an update of my mom's living situation, I told them she was living with me. They called 2 more times and sent 2 emails, I gave them the same information again. Then about a month later, they texted me (really?) for an update.

Getting a text message was very annoying, especially when I have given them a status several other times. Don't bother with this service when they don't provide any useful information anyway.

I would give this service a solid F

I would definitely give this service an F. I used them before and had some success but I had a short term need to find my mom a rehab after release from the hospital. I was assigned a representative that called me early in the morning. Over the course of 2 days I made at least 9 phone calls, to the main number and her direct number. She called once but the section of the hospital that I was in had spotty service and we got cut off. I called back but she didn't pick up and never called again.

No help, just SPAM

I contacted because I wanted pricing information for a list of assisted-living facilities that I had in mind. I didn't want to have to call all of these places and thought would save me some time. had no information (not just pricing) on any of the facilities on my list. I gave the woman my email address in case she found something that fit the criteria I was looking for. She had my phone number because I called her. When I hung up, I didn't expect to hear back because she really didn't have anything I was looking for.

For the next week my answering machine was filled with messages from assisted-living facilities in the area. Likewise I received email from these places. She didn't tell me she was going to give out my information. She just said she would send ME information if she found anything. None of these places were in the area I needed and of course no one left pricing information, which was my number 1 question.

I know has to make money from the referrals but giving out my information to all of these places was wrong. This happened three months ago and I am still getting email and phone calls. I found a place for my mom but I found it on my own with no help from this place.

Looking for a facility

My mother has been a resident of The Granville 1325 Vance Street Lakewood, Colorado 80214 for the passed 2 years. I cannot express how nice it has been not only for her but the peace of mind I have know she is receiving excellent care. The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly, and caring. The food service is excellent and facility is cheerful and clean. only posts positive reviews. They categorically refuse to post negative reviews about the agencies. They refused to post my review although every item in it was verifiable and factual. Do not use them as a reliable source in finding care for your loved ones.

Find a website that posts honest reviews both negative and positive so that you can make an informed decision in finding care for your loved ones.

Good service, but could use better follow-up

The service was useful, but there wasn't as much follow-through as I would have liked.

They were responsive

I thought provided excellent service. They were very responsive and got us some information out quickly. However, I didn't find their follow-up to be quite as direct as A Place For Mom, we got a lot of feedback from the communities they referred us to, but no real personal contact from after that.

Good experience with

We had a good experience with as well, they were friendly and had useful info.

Very helpful information

The information was very helpful. I had been working with them for a while before I tried A Place for Mom. A lot of the information was the same. Both were friendly and helpful, and pretty comparable. I would reccommend both services to friends and family equally.

Follow-up could use improvement

I used their service, and I didn't think they did nearly as well with the follow-up as A Place for Mom did.

Review of

I think they were local. But I did check them out. I would say it was a very similar experience.

Good articles and helpful service

I think they send a lot of articles, and their service was also helpful, though a little different.

Review of

I got a lot of information from a lot of different agencies. It's hard to sort who sent me what. There was a lot of overlap, but also I got some things from some places others didn't provide. They were all pretty similar.

Had some useful information

We used during our brief search, and while they had some useful information it wasn't as comprehensive as A Place for Mom.

Could work on expanding their list

There is a lot of overlap, and we have done some other investigations individually. They aren't giving me quite as expansive of a list. They send a lot of emails, but they don't touch base with me, like Lori from A Place For Mom does.

Review of

They were not as helpful. A Place for mom was more personalized and all around more helpful. Some of the information was duplicated. But A Place for Mom just had more complete information.

Could work on follow-up

I did check in with these guys. I got some of the same information, but A Place for Mom was better. They responded quicker and followed up better than did.

Would recommend to friends and family

I got the same information for the most part from all the referral agencies I worked with. All of the information was extremely helpful, I would recommend friends or family check out all of the agencies. was helpful

There was some overlap in the information but sends a lot of things about private caregivers, which I found helpful.

Helpful information provided some helpful information!

Review of

I didn't use them that much, just for a couple of place,

Review of

I think I used them but I don't really remember that well. There were a lot of people calling. I got helpful information I think.

They quickly provided information

I had an immediate response. I got the information I needed.

Very good and on top of things

I went with first and went with them. They contacted me the same day I inquired with them. They were more responsive. I thougth they were very good, and really on top of things. They followed up and not only provided a list of place to look at, they also set up those appointments.

A lot of information

There was a lot of overlap in information but some was different. I was just searching around, and kept ending up with these lists, that I wasn't really intending to get, and then it ended up being helpful.

Would not recommend them

I got a lot of the same places, I don't remember them that much, definitely not as well as I remember A Place for Mom's service. I don't think I would recommend them because I wouldn't know remember where to look, and they had pretty much the same information A Place for Mom did, but A Place for Mom's was better.

Review of

I think they had some different information. I think as many resources as possible is good. I think they weren't quite as helpful as A Place for mom was.

Pleased overall

I was pleased with the service, overall.

I would recommend

I found the service very useful, overall. I would recommend it.

Review of

I paid 30$ from, but I never got any services. I had to put in the location and 15 people came up. I didn't know who to choose and who to trust.

Helped us find some home care options

I thought the service was useful, and helped find some home care options in the area.

Helpful and friendly

They were both helpful. And the people were very friendly. I did get the same information from both places for what I was looking for.

Very pleased with

I was very pleased with's service, overall. They provided useful information, and they were good with their follow-up.

Useful information provided helpful information. I don't think there were many options in my area so it ended up being the same info that other services provided, but still useful.

Provided helpful information

I found the information I received to be helpful. I got just what I needed, and used information from this and A Place For Mom

All of the information was helpful

I got some of the same information and some different information. It was all helpful and there is so much of it. What people need to know is to be proactive and to start this search earlier. Also to know the difference between assisted living and nursing home. I wouldn't recommend checking the agencies, because I think everyone needs to do their own research

Provided good general information

I thought provided some good general information about what to look for with senior housing, some interesting articles on Alzheimer's care, things like that. However I felt the information they provided on actual facilities was very sparse. It wasn't a complete list of what was in my area, and I don't feel like anyone had an personal experience with the facilities.

Review of

I spoke briefly with during my search. I don't recall much about our interactions, but I preferred A Place For Mom's approach.

Didn't have any issues

I didn't use the service very extensively, but I don't recall having any issues. The people seemed friendly and helpful.

No complaints

We had a good experience with the service, I don't recall thinking about anything they could have done better.

Helpful overall

I found helpful overall, although I didn't like how I was inundated with calls from communities after contacting them. A Place For Mom had the same issue, but I slightly preferred their approach.

Thankful for the service they provide

We didn't end up needing to move my loved one, but I appreciated the service they provided!


I was disappointed with the service I received from It just wasn't very hands on, and there was not much follow-up after our first conversation.

Provided good information did a good job. They were really good about making sure we hand plenty of information. They sent out a lot of information regarding general information that we'd need to consider for senior living, not just a list of options in the area.