Best Choice Home Health Care - Kansas City, KS

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Customer Reviews

The time we lived there was the longest year of our lives. Owners bounced checks to the city so trash was not pick up for days. Bounced several checks to the gardeners so the lawn was not mowed or watered except by the people that lived there. Horrible place. Rats and drug addicts all over the place. Horrible a/c. very old and made noises. Scary and dangerous area. The owners got in trouble with the state because they were to free with others money. Look it up! The carpet was cleaned? but the padding was old and smelled so bad! So many other things I will not go into. Place needs to be painted and repaired so bad. Stairs are so dangerous and lighting is really bad. Management just needed her job and played the game, I do not think she really cared. People did not like her. We got our refund so late and we could of taken them to court but frankly we were so happy to get out of that place and out of Hemet. Not a safe place. Not a safe area. Owners only care about the money. I took many pictures of this place. Big mistake to move in there. Sad.

Worst Choice

This is the absolute worst service ever provided. It took the first caregiver 2 weeks to finally get to the client. [Removed]. Very unprofessional. Would not recommend this business to care for dying animals. The y are the worst choice available in the state of Kansas!