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Bad Boss

What a horrible place run by a horrible lady. If you love your family, don't put them in this place. It is a money pit to the people who live there while the owner is taking them for all they have. I have seen her talk down to the elderly living there and treat them like stupid kids. I have seen her belittle her staff and yell at people coming in to work on the place. The food is horrible and the cooks are hung over half the time. It's a story I heard every time I was there to visit. Each time I left there, I would cry for my loved one and we ended up getting her out as quick as we could. Most of the rest of the staff are friendly but you can tell they are afraid of their boss. The activities lady is the only good thing about the place and she tries to keep them busy. But the place is just so depressing and scary. AND EXPENSIVE for what you get. Don't pay that much to have someone you love treated so badly.