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In-Home Care in Nevada

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Senior Living Options and Care in Nevada

Performing the activities of everyday living becomes tougher as seniors age and their minds and bodies begin to slow down. At this time, it is important for families to consider their options. Many choose to look after their loved one on their own, but family caregivers are not always prepared for the burden this can cause. Luckily, there are plenty of residential communities that offer senior living in Nevada.

What Forms of Nevada Senior Living Are there?

Based on the level of care an older adult needs, there are several different types of Nevada senior living to choose from. Independent living is specifically designed for seniors who are still quite mobile and can mostly take care of themselves. Residents have a wide variety of services to pick from, get their own senior apartments or cottages, and they can participate in social activities that promote healthy living. For those who need additional care, congregate housing is an excellent independent living alternative.

Adult day services, also called adult day care centers, offer older adults extra care and companionship during the day when their primary caregivers must be away from the house for work or other reasons. Throughout the day, these facilities offer golden agers recreational activities, general supervision, and medical care.

Assisted living communities offer the perfect balance of freedom and onsite health care as needed. These facilities incorporate a philosophy of promoting independence and dignity in aging while encouraging the involvement of close friends and family members. Plus, assisted living facilities provide retirees with their own private or semi-private apartments, social activities, as well as personal care services, including aid with transportation and meal preparation.

The most care intensive form of Nevada senior living is nursing homes, also known as skilled nursing facilities. They are meant for older adults with long term or chronic ailments and those who are convalescing. These communities are licensed by the state to offer room and board, nursing care at all hours of the day and night, along with access to rehabilitative therapies, such as physical and occupational therapies.

Alzheimer's care, or memory care, is ideal for older adults with forms of chronic memory impairment, like dementia or Alzheimer's disease. Since not all senior living in Nevada has this specialization, families should be sure to do their research. All of the above facilities are available in one place with continuing care retirement communities, which give golden agers a consistent atmosphere in which to age.

Why Do People Love Nevada?

Situated in the Great Basin and Mojave Desert in the Mountain West, Southwestern, and Western regions of the country, Nevada is the seventh largest state by area and the ninth most sparsely populated state with about 2.8 million people. About 75 percent of the Nevada's population is concentrated in Clark County, where the state's largest city, Las Vegas, is located. The capital of Nevada is Carson City.

Much of the Silver State's economy is driven by tourism and entertainment. There are more than 250 casinos in the state. Mining and cattle ranching are also major players in the economy. For conspiracy theorists, a popular destination, or attempted destination, is Area 51, a military base famous for its secrecy. There are also several other military installations in Nevada, since the federal government owns much of the state.

Why Are Seniors Attracted to Nevada?

The age demographics for Nevada are similar to that found in the rest of the country. This means that there is a large senior population. The cost of living is just a little bit more than the national average. However, the taxes are low in Nevada. In fact, there are no income taxes at all. This means workers can keep more of their earnings.

There are dozens of nationally recognized hospitals in Nevada. One of the more prominent ones is University Medical Center of Southern Nevada, a non-profit hospital affiliated with the University of Nevada School of Medicine. University Medical Center is designated a Level I Trauma Center and has more than 500 licensed beds.

Nevada Helps Older Adults Stay Active

Nevada cares about the wellbeing of its senior population. The state has more than a dozen Area Agencies on Aging that keep golden agers safe, independent, and healthy by providing a long list of resources, programs, and services. With the low tax rates, the expansive natural beauty, and the variety of points of interest, it has never been a better time to consider Nevada for senior living.

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