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Glossary of Terms Related to Estate Sales

As you begin planning an estate sale, it will be helpful for you to understand the following terms.


The process of selling individual items for a client for a percentage of the price, typically done after an estate sale.


The process of moving from larger to smaller living quarters, including narrowing down one’s belongings.

Estate liquidation

The process of selling all of the belongings in a home or estate.

Estate sale

The process of selling all or most of the contents of a home, typically undertaken by a professional services company.

Estate sale company

A business that provides estate sale services.

Estate sale services

Professional services provided by a business that facilitate the organization, pricing, marketing, and selling of some or all of the contents of an individual’s or family’s home.

Senior move management services

Businesses that specialize in helping seniors move to new living accommodations, also known as senior relocation services.

Tag sale

A regional term for estate sale.

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