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Adult Day Care Checklist

Every adult day care center offers something different for their clients. The overall benefits of utilizing adult day care include: improved mental stability, increased self-esteem, increased verbal skills, interaction with others, as well as prevention of secondary disabilities that may be caused due to a low level or lack of activity at home.

To download a printable version of this checklist, please click here.

Locating a Center

  • Utilize the National Adult Day Care Association’s search tool ( to find an adult care center in your area. With over 4,600 adult day care centers in the nation, NADSA enables you to locate one in your area that fits your needs.
  • Contact your local Area Agency on Aging at (800) 677-1116.
  • Stop by your local senior community center and ask for referrals.
  • Use a web search to find “adult day care” centers in your area.

Availability and Cost

  • What days and time is the center open?
  • What types of coverage are offered: full-time, part-time, drop-in?
  • Is transportation available for the participant to and from the center?
  • How much does it cost? Can any of the fees be covered by insurance or government programs?

Safety Considerations

  • Does the environment appear to be safe?
  • Are areas and surfaces clean?
  • Is the facility licensed?
  • How long has the facility been open?
  • What is the staff to participant ratio?
  • What kind of training does the staff undergo?
  • What happens if there is a participant emergency?

Medical Services

  • Does staff provide health checks or medication reminders for participants with diabetes or other needs?
  • What are the diet plan options, and what is the cost of each?
  • Is the staff trained to take care of participants with special needs, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s?
  • Is assistance provided for daily living skills such as eating, walking, or using the bathroom?
  • Is physical, speech, or occupational therapy available?

Social Environment

  • What kind of social activities are offered?
  • Do staff members seem rushed?
  • Does staff give the participants enough attention?
  • How well do the participants get along?
  • Is the director easily accessible if you encounter any issues?
  • What is your overall impression of the adult day care center’s environment?