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If a senior is having more and more difficulty with independently completing daily living tasks like cooking meals, personal care, and getting to and from appointments that they have, assisted living may be an option to consider. Assisted living is a residential alternative that provides seniors with the support that they need to complete daily living activities as independently as possible, while maintaining an active and engaged life. In Fresno, there are many assisted living options that are available.

What Does Assisted Living Cost in Fresno

Across the entire U.S., the median monthly cost for assisted living care is $3,600 per month. In California, the rate is slightly higher than that at $3,750. Fresno’s median cost actually comes in slightly under both of those numbers at $3,500 per month.

However, although the median cost in Fresno is $3,500, the range on either side of that is quite wide. The lowest cost for an assisted living spot is in Vintage Gardens, which lists its accommodations at $1,900 per month. On the other end of the cost spectrum is Sunrise of Fresno, which is listed at $5000 monthly. These costs typically include rent, utilities, dining, housekeeping, and transportation, but you should check with the facility to be sure.

What To Expect in Assisted Living

One of the main advantages of assisted living is that you can find an assisted living situation that best meets your own individual needs. Assisted living facilities provide different levels of care, depending on what the client needs and wants. When you enter assisted living, expect that the staff will conduct an assessment of your care needs, which they will then design a plan of care around that assessment.

Assisted living facilities promote the highest level of independence possible for its clients. You can enjoy an active social life if you wish, with friends, engaging in activities that suit you in a safe environment. Assisted living facilities usually individualize the services to meet the needs of each client, so if you need support for daily activities like shopping, transportation, and personal or medical needs, that can be arranged in your own customized care plan.

Finding an Assisted Living Community in Fresno

There are many factors to consider when you begin looking for an assisted living community in Fresno. Do you want to live more in a downtown area or farther out in the suburbs? After you decide that, make a list of assisted living communities. You can begin your list by searching for assisted living facilities online, and you can ask friends or relatives for their recommendations. You might also ask your medical professionals if they have suggestions in regard to assisted living communities.

Once you have narrowed your list of assisted living communities, think about the qualities that are most important to you. Then, schedule a visit to each one. While you are there, notice whether the facility makes a good first impression. Does it have nice living areas and accommodations? What health care and personal care services are offered? Is the staff friendly and helpful? Do the clients seem to be happy and involved in activities? Most importantly, is the assisted living community licensed by the appropriate certifying agencies? You might make a checklist of important qualities that you want to look for in the assisted living communities that you visit, and take it with you when you go.

Paying for Assisted Living

Like most healthcare costs for seniors, assisted living is not getting any cheaper. In fact, it may take a good bit of planning and coordination for you to be able to easily manage the cost of an assisted living facility. Much of that depends on how well you have planned financially for this stage of your life; your financial situation may also limit your choices in terms of which assisted living facility you can afford.

Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover assisted living expenses. Medicaid, which is a type of medical insurance that is based on financial need, may provide limited benefits. Some assisted living facilities accept Social Security income as payment.

In Fresno and all of California, some people can qualify for Medi-Cal. Medi-Cal provides health coverage for children or adults who have limited income; it covers seniors and persons with disabilities, those who might benefit from an assisted living environment. While health coverage like this does not typically cover assisted living costs, the state of California adopted a waiver for this under certain conditions. If you qualify for Medi-Cal, you should check to see if you are eligible for the Assisted Living Waiver Program.

Long-term care is an important life decision and not one that should be entered into lightly. Do consult with medical, legal, and financial professionals, and seek counsel from your family and friends. Collecting all of the information you can ahead of time can help you make a well-informed decision when the time to select an assisted living facility in Fresno comes.

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