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For a person who has lived independently, realizing that completing daily life activities like cooking meals, driving oneself to and from doctor’s appointments, shopping for groceries and clothing, and performing all personal care needs is becoming increasingly difficult can be a challenge. One option to consider when that time comes is assisted living. Assisted living is a residence for seniors that provides them with the support that they need to complete daily life activities while maintaining as much independence as possible. In Dayton, there are many assisted living facilities that are available.

The Cost of Assisted Living in Dayton

According to the Genworth 2015 Cost of Care Survey, State Specific Data, the median monthly cost for assisted living care in the United States is $3,600 per month. In Ohio, the rate is slightly higher than that, coming in at an average of $3,890. Dayton’s median cost for assisted living is still a little higher than the median cost in Ohio, at $3,936 per month.

Brighton Gardens of Washington Township is an example of an assisted living facility that is just over the median monthly cost in Dayton at $4,000.

Although the median cost in Dayton is $3,936, there is quite a range of cost, so you should be able to find an assisted living facility that meets your budget.  According to the Genworth Cost of Care Survey, the lowest cost of assisted living in Dayton in 2015 was $1,237 per month, and the highest was $5,550.

What Can I Expect in Assisted Living?

One of the primary benefits of assisted living is that you can find one that best meets your individual needs. Assisted living facilities provide customized care, depending on the needs of each individual client. As you prepare to enter assisted living, the staff conducts an assessment to determine what level of care that you need and want, and they design a plan of care around the results of that assessment.

In assisted living environments, you can expect to live as similarly to your current life as you like and are able. You can enjoy an active social life, visit with friends and family, and engage in physical activities and hobbies, independently or supported by the staff as needed. Assisted living facilities individualize their services so that each client has a customized care plan according to their own individual needs.

How Can I Find Assisted Living Communities in Dayton?

When you begin to look for an assisted living community in Dayton, first consider whether you would like to live downtown or in a more suburban area. Then after you determine the general area in which you would like to live, investigate assisted living communities nearby. You can do this in many ways. Conducting an online search is often the first research option, and uncovers a great deal of information. You might also ask friends and family if they have any experience with assisted living communities and if they do, whether they have recommendations. A main source of information is medical professionals. Ask your primary care provider for any recommendations that he or she can provide.

After you have collected your information about the assisted living communities in the area of Dayton in which you want to live, think about the qualities that are important to you. Schedule visits to your top selections. While you are there, notice whether the facility has nice living areas and accommodations. Investigate the health care and personal care services that area offers and the qualifications of the staff. Observe the other clients and whether they seem to be happy and engaged. Ask about the licensure of the assisted living community. Determining whether they are licensed by the appropriate licensing board will tell you that they meet an appropriate standard of care as determined by the state.

How Can I Pay for Assisted Living?

Health care is very expensive at all stages of life. Unfortunately, Ohio does not offer much in terms of supplemental financial help to most seniors for their assisted living expenses. There are some programs that are intended to help those from low-income backgrounds; however, these are designed to help them stay in their own homes for a longer amount of time, putting off the need for long-term care.

Medicare does not cover assisted living expenses, and Medicaid, which is a type of medical insurance based on financial need, may only provide some limited benefits. To be eligible for Medicaid in Ohio, a person’s monthly income cannot exceed $2,199 per month. In addition, except for a person’s home and vehicle and limited personal objects, one cannot have assets in excess of $1,500. If a person does qualify for Medicaid, however, Ohio has an Assisted Living Waiver Program, which pays the costs for assisted living for some people who receive Medicaid. To determine if you are eligible for this waiver, you would need to contact your Area Agency on Aging and ask for an assessment.

Long-term care is an important life decision and is one that should be carefully considered. Consulting with medical, legal, and financial professionals is a good idea, along with allowing your family to offer feedback and input into your decision. Considering all of the available information will allow you to make a well-informed decision about assisted living facilities in Dayton.

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