The Caregiver Gift Guide

Whether they’re family or paid caregivers, you want to include your caregiver in your holiday gift giving this year. But it can be hard to figure out the right gift for anyone, especially when it’s someone who gives so much to you every day.The Caregiver Gift Guide

There’s not one right answer for the best gift to get for a caregiver, but our caregiver gift guide can help.

For the Caregiver That Loves Being Pampered

If you know your caregiver loves long bubble baths or trips to the spa, then focus on a gift that will leave them feeling pampered:

1. A Manicure and Pedicure

If your caregiver likes getting their nails done, then give the gift of their next manicure and pedicure. If they have a usual place they go to, do some sleuthing to find out what it is so you can get them a gift certificate there.

2. A Massage

Your caregiver works hard and a massage can be one of the best things to unwind. If you know your caregiver already has a favorite masseuse, then reach out to them to see if you can get a gift certificate or pay for the next massage or two they come in for. If not, do some Googling to find local masseuses in your area or search the MassageBook directory to find someone well reviewed.

3. Luxurious Bath Items

A day at the spa sure is nice, but if they spend the whole time thinking about everything they need to do during that day away, it can take some of the fun out of it. For a lot of caregivers, the most practical options for pampering will be those they can do from home. If your caregiver appreciates a long bath, then there are lots of different types of bath products that can help them get more out of their relaxing bath time. Look for bath bombs, bath salts, bubble baths and soft towels you can buy for them. You can buy a few items and put together a gift basket yourself, or look for a pre-made gift basket.

4. Spa Day

A massage is nice, but a spa day is even nicer. A lot of spas will let you buy packages that treat someone to full day of relaxing and luxurious procedures. Do some research into the most well reviewed spas in your area and the packages and specials they offer and pick out the one that sounds like a good fit for your caregiver. This is likely to be more expensive than the other options, but if you can afford it and want to really show your appreciation, it will definitely do the trick.

5. Scented Candles

Candles have a special way of setting a calmer and more beautiful atmosphere wherever they’re lit. That makes nice candles in a scent they like one more good gift to consider for a caregiver that loves being pampered. It’s a simple, affordable way to make your own space feel a little more indulgent.

Gifts That Keep Giving

Holiday gifts are nice, but they’re often something temporary that you only get to enjoy once. For a gift that keeps giving throughout the year, consider:

1. Gym Membership or Fitness Videos

Often caregivers spend so much time taking care of others that they don’t do a good job of taking care of themselves. If you know your caregiver tries to stay healthy, but struggles to find the opportunity, then consider gifts that will help them stay in shape. Look into local gym memberships, a subscription for a site like Daily Burn or workout DVDs. Note: don’t go this route if your caregiver isn’t someone who seems concerned about personal fitness – you don’t want your gift to seem like a criticism. But if they’ve talked about wanting to workout more, then you should be safe here.

2. Kindle Unlimited

If your caregiver’s an eBook reader, then a Kindle Unlimited subscription can save them lots of money on books and ensure they have endless reading entertainment in the months to come.

3. Magazine Subscription

If you’ve noticed your caregiver consistently checking out certain magazines in the doctor’s office or waiting in line at the grocery store, it may be that they’d appreciate a magazine subscription. Make sure you have some idea of what they like first though here, a magazine they don’t want to read will just pile up and collect dust.

4. Of-the-Month Club or Subscription Box

Of-the-month clubs have been around for a long time, but the options available keep growing. You can go with a classic like a book of the month club or something more niche like a hot sauce of the month club. Spend some time browsing of-the-month clubs and subscription box options to see what’s out there. Obviously your choice here should be tailored to what your caregiver likes, so think about whether you’ve noticed them occasionally splurging on nice cheeses or flowers when they go to the grocery store and go for a monthly gift you’re confident provides something they like.

5. Streaming Service Subscription

Most of us like being able to chill on the couch and watch TV after a stressful day. Caregivers have lots of stressful days, so being able to choose from the range of movies and shows offered on sites like Hulu and Netflix each time they sit down to rest is a gift they’re sure to appreciate.

Gifts with a Personal Touch

Buying nice things for your caregiver will likely be appreciated, but sometimes the best gifts are the ones that feel more personal:

1. Framed Pictures

If your caregiver’s a family member or if they’re someone you’ve become close to in the time they’ve worked with you, a framed photograph of the two of you together is a nice, sentimental way to show them your relationship matters to you. You can even work on a handmade frame to make the gift that much more special.

2. Homemade Gifts

There’s nothing quite like a gift made with your own two hands. If you know how to knit, do woodworking, quilt or some other type of creative hobby that results in useful objects, think about something you can make for your caregiver that they’ll appreciate.

3. Personalized Gifts

There are lots of items you can buy personalized versions of – jewelry, mugs, ornaments, t-shirts – just about everything. Items can be personalized with names, photographs or phrases that you know are meaningful to your caregiver.

For the Picky Caregiver

Are you worried your caregiver won’t like anything you pick out?

If your caregiver tends to be picky enough that they’re hard to successfully shop for, stay safe and go with an Amazon gift card or a gift card to a business you know they like (the local movie theater, for instance).

There’s no reason to waste money on something they might just toss out, and they’ll appreciate being able to buy something they know they’ve been wanting.

For the Stressed Out Caregiver

Caregivers deal with a lot of stress. If your caregiver seems constantly overwhelmed and worn out, then consider gift options that can help with that:

1. A Comfy Robe

One of the best responses to stress is finding time in the day to just be comfortable and relaxed. A comfortable robe to wear around the house can be useful for that. Look for something soft and warm to get them through the winter more comfortably:

2. Calming Teas

There’s just something soothing about a hot beverage in general, but teas that include ingredients like chamomile and lavender can be helpful for relieving stress. If your caregiver is a tea drinker, look for some good teas that can help them manage their stress levels while tasting good at the same time.

3. Meditation Instruction

Meditation has been shown to improve mental health and stress and can therefore be a valuable tool for caregivers. Look into local meditation classes being offered in your area. Or, if you think it will be more practical for your caregiver, consider buying them meditation videos or the app Headspace.

4. Yoga Classes or Videos

Yoga is a similarly soothing practice and also known for helping to relieve stress. If you think your caregiver is interested in pursuing yoga, look into local yoga studios you can buy them a membership for, or consider DVDs or a Gaia subscription.

Kristen Hicks is an Austin-based copywriter and lifelong student with an ongoing curiousity to learn and explore new things. She turns that interest to researching and exploring subjects helpful to seniors and their families for


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