15 Organizations Working to Advocate for Seniors

15 Organizations Working to Advocate for Seniors15 Organizations Working to Advocate for Seniors

The world is so focused on youth. Sometimes as you get older, it can feel like you’re invisible. The media and politics give so much more attention to kids, teenagers, and middle aged adults than they do to seniors, you have to wonder if there are important legal coverages and benefits you risk missing out on because there aren’t enough people concerned about the issues that matter to you.

Luckily, a few key organizations are actively working to advocate for seniors. The many unique issues that citizens of a certain age face aren’t invisible to these organizations and they work hard to ensure they’re not invisible to lawmakers and other policy experts as well. To learn more about who’s fighting for you and the issues they’re taking on, check out these fifteen organizations working to advocate for seniors.

  1. AARP

Probably the most visible organization actively advocating for seniors is the AARP. In addition to offering member discounts and helpful resources to seniors, they also work as advocates for seniors in the political arena, urging lawmakers to consider their older constituents when they make policies likely to affect them.

In addition to putting pressure on politicians to make choices that benefit seniors, they also provide seniors with the information needed to better advocate for themselves by knowing the best bills and issues to call their representatives about.

  1. National Council on Aging

The NCOA is a government organization that partners with nonprofit organizations and businesses to help provide resources and solutions to make aging easier on seniors in the United States. They offer educational resources and tools to help seniors find and take advantage of the benefits available to them in addition to advocating for seniors’ concerns at a policy level.

Interested seniors can sign up for their advocacy alerts to stay up to date on policy decisions that influence the lives of seniors and tips for ways to get involved and take action themselves.

  1. CARIE

CARIE, or the Center for Advocacy for the Rights and Interests of the Elderly, is a coalition of groups and individuals that both get directly involved when called on by individual seniors that need help navigating senior care issues and work toward legal reforms that provide seniors with more rights and better protections.

While primarily based on Pennsylvania, the organization does work that goes beyond its local efforts.

  1. LASPD

Legal Advocates for Seniors and People with Disabilities is just what the name says it is – it’s an organization of lawyers that help seniors and people with disabilities with certain legal issues they’re most likely to face. In particular, they focus on helping seniors deal with aggressive debt collectors and with social security disability claims. They provide low-cost services to seniors who aren’t sure how to handle these issues on their own.

  1. Justice in Aging

Justice in Aging is a legal advocacy organization that pushes for any legislation that will reduce poverty for seniors. They therefore fight for affordable healthcare, greater resources for seniors that are economically disadvantaged, and give a particular focus to the types of seniors that have often been the least legally protected, such as people of color, immigrants with minimal English skills, and LGBTQ seniors.

  1. National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care

The National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care (usually shortened to Consumer Voice) was started decades ago in response to concerns about the quality of nursing home care. They have long worked to improve the standards long-term care facilities are held to and to advocate for policies that affect the quality of life seniors in long-term care experience.

  1. American Society on Aging

The American Society on Aging is a little different from the other organizations on the list as it’s less focused on influencing public policy, and more focused on providing better education and resources to the professionals that work with seniors. They offer education, publications, and training to help people who work with seniors learn best practices and stay up to date on how to do their work effectively and compassionately.

  1. National Center on Elder Abuse

In spite of work done throughout the years to reduce the incidence of elder abuse, it’s still a problem many seniors deal with. The NCEA works to provide resources and education designed to further reduce how frequent elder abuse is and help the estimated two million people in the U.S. that are victims of it each year.

  1. Pension Rights Center

Many seniors worked their whole life confident that their work would pay off in a pension that was promised, only to face doubt that they’d receive their due when they retire due to budget cutbacks. The Pension Rights Center works both to secure the legal protections that hold governments and businesses to their pension promises, and helps seniors navigate the process of getting their pension when the time comes.

  1. Senior Medicare Patrol

Medicare fraud costs an estimated $60 billion a year, but much of that could be prevented if Medicare beneficiaries receive proper education. Senior Medicare Patrol funds projects that help educate seniors on common Medicare abuses and respond to any complaints they have about their coverage.

  1. SAGE

Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders is an organization that works toward improving the lives of LGBTQ seniors. They offer a range of services in areas like employment and health care, and work to advocate for public policies that benefit the LGBTQ senior population.

  1. NHCOA

The National Hispanic Council on Aging works to advocate for the Hispanic seniors that represent a growing portion of the U.S. senior population. They focus on policy issues that range from economic security to health and housing.

  1. NICOA

The National Indian Council on Aging advocates for better health care, social services, and economic programs for American Indian and Alaska Native elders. They help provide education to Native American seniors to help them access the services available while also working with agencies and organizations to ensure more and better services are provided.

  1. Administration on Aging

The Administration on Aging is the government organization devoted to advocating for seniors and their concerns. They work to keep other government organizations aware of the issues that influence seniors so that legislation affecting the senior population keeps their needs and issues top of mind, and they provide grants to various other organizations that provide direct services and education to seniors. 

  1. Alzheimer’s Association

With more than 5 million seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s, the Alzheimer’s Association advocates for better research, policies, and care for a significant portion of the senior population. They also provide resources and suggestions to people who want to do their part to advocate for Alzheimer’s patients. As the number of people with Alzheimer’s continues to grow, the organization has an important role to play in helping the seniors and their families affected by the disease.


If you ever feel that your needs and the issues you’re concerned about aren’t getting the attention they deserve, consider following or working with one of these organizations. The work they do can help amplify your voice and help you secure more rights and benefits for you and your fellow seniors.


Kristen Hicks is an Austin-based copywriter and lifelong student with an ongoing curiousity to learn and explore new things. She turns that interest to researching and exploring subjects helpful to seniors and their families for SeniorAdvisor.com.


  1. Winifred Herman June 12, 2018 Reply

    All these services. Looks great on paper. How about help for the thousands of seniors with dental problems? Not only do missing teeth hinder social activities, employment possibilities, but adversely affects nutrition by limiting the ability to chew. It’s a national disgrace in a country as rich as ours! Congress continually votes no on this issue. They, of course, have platinum dental care. It’s actually a disgusting, cruel shame!

    • Cathy Wellington January 15, 2019 Reply

      I agree 100% with Winifred,I’m facing a dental problem right now.Can’t afford a dentist.and was just turned down by my state of W.VA.to get any help with anything.I’m a widow on a fixed income and I’m turned down.GO FIGUR

  2. Lorie CastilloClose September 19, 2018 Reply

    I need help with my father’s Health Care issues. He’s 86 is going blind and losing his hearing. He’s constantly having ear infections has a preference. Eardrum rupture. Has gone to specialist surgical doctors and there’s nothing that they can do. All they do is tell him not to get his ear wet and send them home. Doctor was in there for 5 minutes . But they don’t have a problem charging him a $50 copay and an hour of his time and their office. What is the patients rights in dealing with doctor’s office.

  3. Kristie Erdmann September 28, 2018 Reply

    I’m looking for any organization/group to help a senior citizen who has been left alone to clean, cook and try to get to the store on a 800 month ssn check. Please advise for the Dunedin/Ckearwater Fl area. Thank you.

    • tammy September 5, 2019 Reply

      I don’t know where you live but each state has an Area Agency on Aging that provides free assistance for older adults 60+ that require assistance with health, home, and caregiving needs. I would suggest you contact yours to see about assistance. Hope you were able to get a response before this one. Regards.

    • Dawn Baker March 9, 2020 Reply

      I’m actually looking to volunteer for an organization that does chores and shopping for seniors…although I don’t have the financial means to help I certainly can give the time and labor. If you find an organization that specializes in that please let me know as I can’t seem to find one!!

  4. June B Coultas October 12, 2018 Reply

    I find myself homeless I’m 64 years old because my daughter’s friend got into my account while I was in the hospital with pneumonia I haven’t received a social security check in for months and my landlord even though he knows the situation wants to renovate my apartment can you management as of August 1st and they have locked me out I have until Tuesday to move I have nowhere to go and I need assistance how can you help me my email is JB coultas that coultas stand at gmail.com please let me know as soon as possible

  5. Harriet bunis October 15, 2018 Reply

    My friend Harriwt Bunis was elder abuse by probate and attorneys she needs help

  6. ALUPO MARTHA October 25, 2018 Reply

    Am planning to open an organization that takes care of elderly people in Teso region in Uganda, i have noted that i have so many old people who been left a lone with out any one taking care of them that makes them to stay a very stressful life without any hope. I need your support financially to help me support these vulnerable group. pleasure i feel i have the passion of helping these group.

    How can we get you or apply.

    thanks martha

  7. Thompson November 1, 2018 Reply

    I have just gone through a cat 4/5 hurricane; Michael. I have my home, where other’s dont, don’t have water or power but hope to soon. I am 71, live on a budget. I had 10 acres of trees that were flattened. It would cost me thousands to have soneone move the debris off my property . I am looking for an organization that might helprs my situation.FEMA wI’ll only help if your home is damaged.
    Do you know of organizations that helps seniors?
    Lin Thompson

  8. Sue Theriault December 5, 2018 Reply

    My husband and I are putting our home up for sale in the Spring and are looking for a senior community to move to. We need advice and the internet is very confusing. We are healty and semi active. Where do we start.

  9. Diane December 24, 2018 Reply

    I don’t have a home and need majorxdental help. I need,abvocate to help are at me in th wtirte direction. I can’t get food stamps or cesicare which I should be intittled for. Would someone just help me,plrase.

  10. Alven W Corder January 22, 2019 Reply

    I recently switched to Walgreens pharmacy, the biggest mistake in my senior years, I was advised that my refill dates on my prescriptions will change each month, “they” base refills on the date picked up, not what the insurance or Doctor say, it’s “there” policy. This is for “any” level” of prescribed drug.

  11. Owens Earl Jr April 23, 2019 Reply

    Hello I am a Veteran and a Senior and as so many American seniors we are struggling with bills, and the rising cost of food, housing, transportation, health care, need I go on we are one payment away from homelessness, we no we can’t change everything. So we need help putting a law on the books give every senior help with there groceries by giving them help by giving them Cal Fresh no less then $ 150.00 a month so they can buy health food and not have to substitute there health by eating things that are not good for them can you help please respond

  12. B Mit****by May 2, 2019 Reply

    What I found interesting about reading the descriptions of these 15 organizations is if an elderly person showed up at one of their offices, every one of them would say, “Sorry, you are not our target audience.”
    “We work with legislators, we educate providers about the needs, we network with institutions, we work with county services about the needs, etc., etc., etc., … of the elderly.

    In other words, they have loads of pamphlets, brochures, packets, lists and other materials directed at any group to increase awareness of one or more issues facing the elderly, whether housing, or healthcare, or numerous others but none are prepared to do anything to meet a need of someone sitting across from them. The operative word in that title – they “advocate”.

    I know. I have a stack of brochures from all the places I’ve been to…

  13. Sharon Popp June 3, 2019 Reply

    So ultimately there is no help out there!!!! We are going to lose our home, we are both disabled, we worked hard when we we worked!!!! Thought we’d still be working!!!!! Any help on you are $10 over the limit on you are 20 dollars over the limit.But we’ll give you 16.00 for food. Are they aware of food prices???? All I wanted was to get our Medicare payments back, that would have been a big help. Now I need about 5000.00 Is sad gonna lose our home for 5 000.00 because we became disabled. I understand the increase in suicide!!!!! We have no where to go!!!!!! And no way to get help!!!!!

  14. Ruth henson July 6, 2019 Reply

    Need help paying $160.00 out of pocket each month for medication. Please help I’m not eating. Dept of education garnished by SSA check for $212.00 for a balance of $1600.00 due on my school loan since 1990 last month. What is going on. I receive $1412.00 only each month and $52.00 for food stamps. I need help please

  15. Joyce E Warfield July 7, 2019 Reply

    I live in Windsor Mill,Md and I need help in gaining assistance with my home, I have put in for modifications with Select Portfolio Mortgage .I’m A 69 year old AA woman and cannot continue to meet the payments. Why is there know
    Section 8 assistance for seniors who own their home, that will supplement mortgages if you have moderate to low income social security checks…seniors need these types of government assistance…mortgage companies to not care about seniors who work hard to obtain and maintain their homes…we need to government to intercede in these matters…or more and more seniors will be homeless

  16. michael l jackson July 17, 2019 Reply

    we need help.are about to lose our home and car.we are disabled on social security and disablity..in 2017 i had a heart attack,prior to this .i was taking care of my mother and being paid $800. a month.with this we were able to pay our debts..we have tried so hard to pay sense then.but got behind on our payments.after the loss of the extra money.we borrowed from loan companys to pay our bills.we borrow from different companies but could not pay them all back ,i send a payment alternating the house and car.now they want 3 months payment of $1500.00our checks make that is our whole month money.we are thinking of bankruptcy.i’m at the end of my rope.all this stress has cost me,a heart attack,stroke and continue to call and haress us..if there is a way to get our oayments lowered so we can make our payments.it would be great.

    • Jio November 17, 2019 Reply

      Hello, so sorry to read of your great distress, I could feel it through your words. I have no solution to your dilemma my circumstances are dire a well. All of us, especially over 70 made it possible for this country to be where it is today. Now we are tossed aside, ignored, unwanted by the very institutions we established. Don’t let aging silence us. We need a louder, stronger unifying voice to be heard. To be cherished, supported and given what is rightfully ours in this country.

  17. moneke davenport August 10, 2019 Reply

    hello my name is moneke davenport and i would love to be a advocate for the elderly , have experience in working with the elderly . where to start.

    • Jio November 17, 2019 Reply

      Hello, your post ended with “where to start?” Like every single breath in this country you have to start with money. Nothing changes without money. I am as desperate and as old as all of the people who post here. I really want to do something to change/improve things for us.
      But like you said, “Where to start?” Please reply. Perhaps there is something we can collaborate on.

  18. t.sensel September 5, 2019 Reply

    Local Area Agency on Aging Divisions are always looking for volunteer Ombudsman. AAA Ombudsman advocate for residents in assisted living and nursing facilities. In addition, your AAA always needs volunteers to help with community outreach programs as well.

  19. melissa calocerinos November 21, 2019 Reply

    does a legal form exist that requests visitation of an elderly and/ or incapacitated adult and that can be presented in the court system without going through an attorney and spending tons on money?

  20. Juan November 24, 2019 Reply

    AZ, is your answer…. we live in Golden Valley, AZ, near Kingman. Cost of living low, taxes low, gas low. Our house payment with T & I $565.00 per month, water $32.00 per month with trees, all electric $96.00 monthly with new energy save A/C, maybe $125.00 for the summer months. The stores in Kingman are always have having sales. Milk $1.99. Bread $00.99 to $4.99 for the best, but again there always sales. Plus senior day 10%off. Secret is to buy in bulk. If married both get store saving cards. Bread way a $.25 Yes. 25 cent for two , so with two cards that’s four breads. Oh, milk for half gallon way a .27. ,last week it was canned veggs for , yes, dime, for two.So can you eat well , hear yes. Yes we have food banks here.yes, it get hot here like 106 on the hottest days, maybe 4 days during summer. We have mountains all around us to go hiking, there the Colorado river, with lake Mojave, (i.e. fishing ), boating. Check AZ out

  21. Liselotte k. Jensen-Newton December 27, 2019 Reply

    I have big problems finding protection against one of the most abusive groups “customer service”. And wonder where to get help. An example; I lost my benefits at work spring 2019 so I got Medicare (2018) and a Medicare hmo with United healthcare. The customer service told me my ppo United healthcare would become the hmo medicare complete plan. I could keep my doctor (1.5 miles away) etc.. instead did I get a doctor 27 miles one way away and a health center 26 miles the other way. When I broke my arm I could not get help for 19 days, and neither the hmo, or ppo plan, or medicare payed for the 2 medical visit 19 days before surgery. I was literately harassed by United healthcare system customer service and Aarp did not care for my complaint over elder abuse. Who can help!

  22. Janet Fesperman February 1, 2020 Reply

    I live in one of the riches states of the union. For two years the governor boasted about budget surplus. 9 billion one year, 8 billion the next. As we watched more people become homeless and the social safety nets for low income and fixed income people be shredded.Cast in point:
    I’m a 74 year old disabled by a stroke. I can not get any kind of help with health insurance from the state. Even though it claims that it will subsidies health insurance for a family of two, with a household income of $67,640 a year. Our fixed two person household is $33,000 a year, yet I”m not eligible for any kind of help. The reason given is that I have Medicare A. Medicare Part a is only for hospitalization, it will not cover medical Part B does. I would need to pay for part B $150.00 a month and a health insurance policy $120 a month, plus co-pays.The total yearly cost would be $10,500 bringing our yearly income to $22,500 Like many people in this expensive state most of our income over 75% goes for housing. I have spend two years writing to local , state and federal politicians to no avail. I have had two hearings with the county health department.After being told to get an attorney and take it to the state supreme court which I could not do. l have a third on Feb,6th with the county. I do not expect much from this hearing, just more humiliation. No the is not one bit of help out there for low income seniors in need.

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