Sex Over 50: How It’s Different, What to ExpectSex Over 50

People are living longer than ever, and technology and research advances make it possible for people to enjoy more of life as they age than ever before. That includes sex – seniors should have no reason to think that age has to mean giving up on this part of life, one considered essential by many.

No matter your current age, sex is probably still a very real possibility for you if you want it to be.  Don’t assume there’s no point in trying if it seems a little more difficult to pull off than usual. With the help of advanced healthcare and some simple accessories, many seniors have overcome the difficulties age places on having an active sex life.

Sex will be different – but that doesn’t have to be a problem.

The main big differences you’ll encounter with sex as you age are gender related. Women will find that they’re naturally drier, which could cause pain during intercourse. And men will start to encounter erectile dysfunction with increasing frequency.

Both of these problems have simple solutions though. For women, heading up to the drugstore with a few bucks can get you a container of lube that does the trick. And, as most of us have seen via frequent commercials, men have access to treatments like Viagra to help counter the effects of aging.   

The main other thing you might encounter is physical discomfort trying to re-create some of the positions of your youth. What our bodies are capable of does unfortunately change with age, so you may need to retire some old favorites and focus on those you can still manage.

Talk to your doctor.

If the idea of having more regular sex sounds nice, but you’ve found that your libido just isn’t where it once was, your doctor may be able to help. There are a number of treatable medical issues common with age that can play a role in sex drive.

You may find talking about sex with your doctor a little uncomfortable, but the fact is, sex can be good for your health and happiness and doctors are pretty good about not getting squeamish when it comes to such things (it’s pretty much part of the job description). Just tell them your concerns and they may be able to pinpoint the issue and help you fix it without too much effort.

Don’t forget protection.

If you’re still lucky enough to be with the partner you’ve had for the last few decades, you can skip this one. If you’ve been widowed or divorced and find yourself dating or considering the affections of someone in your retirement community – don’t assume your age means you don’t have to worry about STIs. In recent years, doctors have seen an increase in STIs in seniors. Your age and life experience don’t make you immune to the diseases many associate with sexually active young people, so don’t risk it.

You may have never imagined yourself continuing to have an active sex life into your 70’s and 80’s, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to if it continues to make you happy. Just embrace a few small tweaks to how you go about it and the expectations you have and you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Kristen Hicks is an Austin-based copywriter and lifelong student with an ongoing curiousity to learn and explore new things. She turns that interest to researching and exploring subjects helpful to seniors and their families for


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