Preventing OsteoporosisPreventing Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis can weaken your bones and can exponentially increase the risks for unexpected bone fractures. It can be caused by a number of bone-related diseases and should be prevented by following strict healthy eating habits and regular physical activities. It is mostly caused by vitamin D deficiency that helps our bones absorb calcium. Often, we stop getting a sufficient amount of vitamin D as we get older, and our bones find it hard to absorb the required calcium intake.

Even if osteoporosis doesn’t run in your family, you should take proper care of your bones to avoid the same. Take regular bone density tests to ensure you are not suffering from any bone-related disease. Osteoporosis might make your bones go thin and can cause frequent bone fractures. Here are a few questions that you should ask your doctor about osteoporosis.

How can I prevent osteoporosis?

It is always better to prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis than to create a treatment plan in the future. Ask your doctor about every diet or lifestyle measure you should take proper care of your bones.

What kind of exercise should I do to increase the strength of my bones?

Ask for the kind of exercises you should undertake on a regular basis for proper maintenance of your bones.

How much vitamin D and calcium I should intake?

The intake of the quantity of calcium and vitamin D varies from one body type to another. Ask your doctor for the level of intake your body needs and what kinds of supplements to look for.

What lifestyle changes should I make?

Ask your doctor for any lifestyle changes you can make which might strengthen your bones.

How do I keep my osteoporosis from getting worse?

If you are already suffering from osteoporosis, then ask for every precautionary measure you should take to keep your condition better with time.

What kind of medications should I take?

Ask your doctor to prescribe a proper list of medications for your intake, in order to avoid any undesirable circumstances.

Can my other medicines cause osteoporosis?

Often the intake for some other kind of medications can cause bone damage. Give your doctor complete and honest information about every medicine or drug that you have been consuming and know about its effect on your bones.

How frequently should I take a bone density test?

A bone density test is a very crucial examination, which depicts the condition of your bones. It should be taken on a regular basis for better understanding of your bone conditions. Ask your doctor about the frequency of the test.

What is my T-score?

A T-score is what a bone density test implements, which defines the strength in your bones. You should know what your present T-score is, what it means exactly, and how you can improve it in the long run.

Should I opt for hormone replacement therapy?

Sometimes hormone replacement therapy can prevent osteoporosis, but it is not suitable for every body type. Ask your doctor if it is a right option for you or not.

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