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Assisted Living in Delaware

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Delaware is a small state found in the Northeast region of the United States, and it was named after an English nobleman, and Virginia's first colonial governor, Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr. It is the second smallest and sixth least populated state in the country, and its size makes it a perfect place for any golden ager to settle down and relax, at a bit of a slower pace of life. This doesn't however mean that it's boring there, as it boasts a whole host of different cultural and sporting activities throughout the year. The state is bordered by Maryland on the South and West, by New Jersey to the Northeast and by Pennsylvania to the North.

A Quick Look at Delaware

Delaware is sometimes known as the First State, as it was one of the states that fought in the American Revolution, and it was the first state to endorse the Constitution of United States in December 1787. The state consists of three counties: New Castle, Kent and Sussex. While all of the counties started to grow predominantly through agriculture New Castle County is more industrialized than the other two. Kent and Sussex remain largely reliant on agriculture as their main economic source, and together their output is mainly poultry, soybeans, dairy commodities and corn.

The great thing about Delaware is that the industrial and agricultural growth have not had a detrimental impact on the scenery in the area. The state is home to three wildlife refuges, namely Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, Killkohook National Wildlife Refuge and Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge. These, along with numerous parks and the ever popular Rehoboth Beach, mean that Delaware is a great place for city and nature lovers alike. The weather in Delaware is also favorable with warm humid summers, and cool, moderate winters, particularly along the coast, perfect for any retirees looking for a more mild climate.

What's more, the economy in Delaware is booming, and with an unemployment rate sitting at 8.5% it is below the national average. Cost of living is equal to most other states, and it ranks as the 9th highest per capita income in the United States. Tax rates are friendly, being some of the lowest in the country.

A Glance at Senior Living Facilities in Delaware

Delaware has a range of different senior living and care facilities throughout its three counties. The state caters to all kinds of retirees, and they are dedicated to enabling golden agers to live full and active lives wherever possible. There are different levels of senior living found in Delaware and each will cater to an individual's specific needs. Residents are encouraged to get to know each other and this makes it easier for them to get out and see all that Delaware has to offer. The state of Delaware also has various programs that offer aging citizens transport, housing benefits, medical plans and meal deliveries. All of these combined make Delaware a wise choice for any retiree.

Delaware has a whole host of different cultural aspects for golden agers to explore including historic aspects that stem from the state's prominence in the American Revolution. Also of particular interest are the numerous festivals, fairs and events that take place around the state throughout the year. These festivals include the Seaford Riverfest, the Rehoboth Chocolate Festival, the Bridgeville Apple Scrapple Festival, Firefly Music Festival, the Delaware Shakespeare Festival, the traditional Jazz funeral on Bethany Beach to signal the end of summer and the annual Georgetown return day parade, just to name a few. However, the state is not just culturally significant but there are also a number of different things to do for sports fanatics. The University of Delaware has a huge following for its football team, and the Dover International Speedway, or DIS, hosts two NASCAR races every year. Inside of the DIS track, the Dover Down Track is found, which is a horse harness racing track.

Life in Delaware

Delaware offers a unique combination of lifestyles that make it a perfect place to retire. The mix of cultural significance, environmental maintenance, moderate climate and rising economic strength means that it offers a safe and stable environment for retirees. With the extensive numbers of assisted living centers and facilities offered in the state, it is easy for the elderly to get out and about to enjoy everything that this beautiful state has to offer.

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