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"I thought for Alzheimer's care it was just o.k...."

Posted 1 day ago

Brookdale Carriage Club Providence - Charlotte, NC

I thought for Alzheimer's care it was just o.k. However, they group all their levels of care into one group. For beginning Alzheimer's care it w... more

"I enjoyed the staff and environment. The layou..."

Posted 1 day ago

Legacy Heights Senior Living Community - Charlotte, NC

I enjoyed the staff and environment. The layout seem to work well. The staff were engaging with the residents. The community also see to have a g... more

"The layout was confusing, even for me. I can't..."

Posted 1 day ago

Sunrise on Providence - Charlotte, NC

The layout was confusing, even for me. I can't help but wonder how it would be for someone with Alzheimer's to try and find their own room, even w... more

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