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Coronavirus – Senior Living Community Updates

We hope this finds you well in these uncertain times. As information about COVID-19 (coronavirus) evolves each day, we at will continue to monitor updates about how coronavirus is affecting seniors and the senior living landscape. The health and well-being of your loved ones is the top priority, and below we’ve included information to assist you during this challenging time. We hope you find it helpful, and we thank you for your enduring trust. Be safe. Be well.


What are the latest updates and tips for seniors and their families?

Keep interaction with outside visitors to a minimum.

Seniors continue to be at the greatest risk of serious illness as a result of coronavirus. Because coronavirus can present with no symptoms, any outside visitor could potentially carry the virus. To help prevent its spread among this vulnerable group, families should keep elderly adults from interaction with outside visitors to the greatest extent possible. Some key options to stay informed on the latest coronavirus updates include:

Follow evolving guidelines.

As experts learn more about coronavirus and how it spreads, guidance for older adults and senior living communities will evolve. While taking recommended preventative measures is key during this time, staying informed is also an important part of the process.


How are senior living communities responding?

Increasing prevention protocols.

Given the rapid spread of coronavirus and the dangers it poses to the elderly, senior living communities have implemented strict prevention protocols to help mitigate new infections to the greatest extent possible. New protocols include:

  • Strict limitation of non-essential visits
  • Extensive visitor screenings
  • Frequent patient temperature checks
  • No access to those with known symptoms
  • Patient quarantines, when the situation demands

Expert cleaning guidelines.

The CDC and World Health Organization have released cleaning and sanitization guidelines to coincide with the ongoing spread of coronavirus. Many senior living communities across the country are implementing these new standards, with a special emphasis on proper hand-washing techniques and frequency.

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What if my loved one is in a hospital or nursing home?

Consider a senior living community instead.

As a strong extension of our national healthcare network, senior living communities are working hard to prepare for an expected influx of elderly patients during this time. Some of the specific advantages senior living communities can offer include:

  • Different levels of acuity support to provide for medically complex needs
  • Medical resources to potentially prevent return trips to the hospital
  • Current openings to potentially take new residents immediately

Evaluate your community options.

If your loved one is in a hospital and you need help navigating next steps on his/her behalf, check out A Place for Mom’s Caregiver Discharge Guide for materials that can best explain options and next steps.


How do I get a sense for a community if tours are limited?

Take advantage of new community tour options.

After a comprehensive symptom and temperature check, thorough hand-washing and sanitizing, and limiting tours to smaller parts of their facilities, many communities have continued to offer in-person tours. In addition, some communities have developed creative ways to help families explore their facilities in a potentially safer way, including:

  • Virtual Tours – touring a facility on desktop, mobile or tablet
  • Offsite Meetings – conducting meetings in dedicated offices or conducting home visits
  • Limited Touring Zones – gating a public area as a dedicated tour zone

Find the solution for you.

To mitigate any potential challenges these alternative touring methods may propose, communities are committed to working with you to find the best approach for your family. At, we’re always here to help you compare options, facilitate the right conversations and coordinate logistics.