Home Monitoring and Security Systems

These products serve to keep your senior loved ones safe in their homes, and alert you if there is a problem. You can be notified instantly if there has been a change in your loved one’s vital signs, they’ve fallen, or they’ve forgotten to lock the doors or turn off the appliances.



Security-device company Lorex offers a range of cameras, monitors, recorders, and accessories for monitoring babies and children, pets, seniors, and property via mobile device and computer. Learn more.


Protect America

Protect America offers home security packages and home monitoring service along with add-on monitored services that include wearable medical panic buttons, carbon monoxide detection, smoke detection, and freezing temperature and flood monitoring in case of heating failure. Learn more.




VueZoneUnlike more complex and costly home surveillance systems, Vuezone wireless camera technology’s streaming and recording are activated only when users check in remotely, allowing the cameras to run for several months on each set of batteries. Read reviews.


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