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In the United States alone, over 65 million people spend an average of twenty hours a week or more caring for an ill, disabled, or senior family member. Our country is full of caregivers struggling to balance the responsibilities of living a full life, while also providing care for someone they love. 

It’s a hard job and one that’s in many ways underserved. Caregiver Homes seeks to change that last part.

What is Caregiver Homes?

In 2005, the company Seniorlink launched a demo in Massachusetts of a program called Caregiver Homes designed to provide support to caregivers. The service was successful enough that it’s now grown to five different states and is looking to expand further.

Mary Gallagher, Seniorlink CMO describes the service the company provides by saying, “we care for the caregivers. And what I mean by that is we help those live-in caregivers that are living with a loved one and helping to provide care.”

In specifics, each caregiver works with a Caregiver Homes team that includes a social worker and nurse that work to stay on top of what’s going on in the home. They pay visits once a month, but also monitor what’s going on daily with the help of a technology platform the company has developed called Vela. That way they know right away if there’s a problem that needs to be addressed and can help out the caregiver in real time if they have a question or concern.

The Caregiver Homes team helps with all the basics of care like medication management and determining health diagnoses, but they also make a point of checking in on the emotional side things to see how the caregiver and their loved one are doing.

How It’s Different

Families have a number of options when it comes to getting help with caregiving, so why do some choose Caregiver Homes?

The main difference, according to Gallagher, is the time the care team puts into building relationships with their customers. They make visits once a month and sit down to spend time with the family and get to know them while there.

“We’re able to really build that relationship with them over the long term,” she explains.

The families they work with know their team personally and trust them. That makes it that much easier to feel comfortable asking for help when it’s needed and feel the relief of knowing that the responsibilities of caregiving don’t fall entirely on your shoulders.

The Results

The families that have worked with Caregiver Homes have felt the difference. 96% of them have said they’re likely to recommend the service to others and the Caregiver Homes team often receive more direct feedback from a number of families who are happy with the service.

Gallagher says that’s how they know they’re accomplishing their goals. “We’re not just putting words out there, that ‘we care for the caregivers.’ We’re being truthful in our ability to be able to deliver on that promise.”

Who Qualifies?

For now, Caregiver Homes is available under Medicaid for seniors and people with disabilities in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Indiana, and Louisiana. To qualify, your loved one must be eligible for Medicaid and require 24-hour, live-in care for help with daily activities of life. If that sounds like you, then you can get in touch to learn more about getting started.


Caregiver Homes is part of the growing trend to provide seniors and their caregivers with more and better options for living a good life, even as health and aging concerns start to take their toll.  For even more options on resources available in your area, do a search for your city at

Kristen Hicks is an Austin-based copywriter and lifelong student with an ongoing curiousity to learn and explore new things. She turns that interest to researching and exploring subjects helpful to seniors and their families for


  1. Leland Perry October 18, 2016 Reply

    Have a daughter mental limited slow, needs assisted living. Age 54, will be 55 yrs. Old in April.
    Live in California, Hemet. Most places take 55 and over, cost per month two thousand-plus a month.
    Home is not set up for her. Fathers age 84 yrs. Lives in small senior retirement community. Rulers are
    55 or older Trent or buy. We found a nice place for her. We have to come up with supplement income, out of my income. That’s not going to last very long.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Leland Perry

  2. Murray October 27, 2016 Reply

    You need to contact your local social services agency. We have done in-home Adult Family Home care for 20 years for residents such as your daughter. The state pays for their care. We handle all their needs, dr appointments, socialization even working if they want. None of the parents of these residents have paid for their care. Please start searching today or ask other parents that you must know by now who have special needs adult children.

  3. jerry bridge October 27, 2016 Reply

    have you looked into a”Board and Care Home for her? You might try googling and getting a referral from ” A Place for Mom”

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