5 Easy Breakfast Ideas for Seniors5 Easy Breakfast Ideas for Seniors

Breakfast sets the tone for the day and officially “breaks the fast” of the previous night. It’s important for seniors to start their day with breakfast foods that fuel and nourish their bodies.

For many, breakfast can be a highly routine meal vs. lunch and dinnertime meals. While routines can be incredibly beneficial, it’s important to ensure the routine provides the healthiest outcome. It’s always a good idea to eat a variety of vitamins and minerals vs. the same thing over and over again.

Below are examples of different meals that can be eaten for breakfast, one for each weekday. They may need to be modified for certain health conditions, but they offer an example of meal diversity:

Monday: Oatmeal or Quinoa Bowls

Both are great when topped with fruits, raisins, spices and/or nuts. Note: Strive for one-ingredient oatmeal. Many oatmeal varieties have added sugars and other unnecessary ingredients. Make sure it’s plain oatmeal. Then, dazzle it up!

Tuesday: Veggie Tacos

Tacos can be eaten at any meal of the day. Look for simple tortillas with minimal, recognizable ingredients void of hydrogenated oils. Then, stuff them with leafy greens, tomatoes, beans, avocado, etc. Load them with veggies! Eggs can be added, but strive for organic, pasture-raised eggs.

Wednesday: Yogurt & Fruit

Strive to find plain organic, pasture-raised yogurt free of antibiotics, hormones, etc.  Also, read the ingredients and avoid artificial sugars and chemicals. If you want to sweeten it up, add fresh berries and a few drops of honey.

Thursday: Tasty Toast

Skip the white bread, and look for fresh breads that do not have a paragraph of perplexing ingredients along with sugar overload. Ezekiel bread is a great brand with a variety of flavors (cinnamon/raisin, whole grain, etc.). Toast toppings can vary from savory (olive oil, red pepper flakes and avocado) to sweet (almond butter and pomegranate seeds).

Friday: Spectacular Salad

Yes, salad can be eaten for breakfast! Or, any time of the day. Have fun with it and try different greens (spinach, arugula), fruits (blueberries, apples) and nuts (pecans, walnuts). Top them off with healthy, homemade dressings such as simple olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Note: Many store-bought dressings are jam-packed with sugars and unhealthy ingredients.

Any of these meals can be accompanied with a delicious beverage, such as a hot, organic tea, lemon water, a green smoothie, or 100% juice (just be sure it doesn’t have added sugars and chemicals in the ingredients).

Have fun with breakfast and remember to start the day with healthy, colorful goodness!

Natalie Drugan is a nutrition and lifestyle health coach. Natalie is dedicated to helping others make healthy choices centered on clean food, toxic-free environments and happy living. Natalie received her nutrition health coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC, the world’s largest nutrition school. As a Certified Nutrition Health Coach, she studied over 100 dietary theories and learned from world-renowned experts and doctors including Andrew Weil, MD, Walter Willet, MD, Mark Hyman, MD and Deepak Chopra, MD. Natalie is board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). Additionally, Natalie received her BBA in Marketing from Texas A&M University.

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