Holiday Gifts for PetsHoliday Gifts for Pets

The holidays are a time for family, food, and fun. Getting together on Christmas morning is a tradition that lives on, no matter how old or young the family members are. It’s a time to wake up with a smile on your face and have a gathering around the tree. Your pet(s) surely can’t be forgotten during this time. You know they have already tapped into one of the kid’s gifts out of curiosity, so you might as well give them something to feel included. Here are some great stocking stuffer ideas for your furry loved one.

Gifts for Dogs

Rawhide everything: Dogs love love love rawhide! Anytime, any day, no matter what season, there’s no going wrong here. Make sure to get a nice flavor and also be sure of the size. You don’t want your pup to try and down the whole thing in one bite; if it’s too small, that can be dangerous.

New chew toy: Any chew toy will work, but why not get a festive holiday one so they can greet you at the door with a slobbery snowman or perhaps drop their dirty santa claus stuffed toy on your lap as you eat your dinner. Those toys might only last for the holiday season, but they’ll love it!

Simply Fido Holiday Reindeer Rope Toy: The cuteness is unbearable. Imagine your pup running around your Christmas tree with a little reindeer rope toy. Ho Ho Ruff!

Gifts for Cats

Catviar TreatsCatviar Treats: Do you have fancy cat? Do you want your cat to be fancy? The all natural ingredients in this Catviar will be a purrfect snack.

Cardinals Crazy Cat Catch-a-Bubble: If you want to occupy your cat for hours, this is the stuffer to do it with. The pet safe bubbles are going to be a great catch for kitty.

Gifts for All Pets

Bandanas: Get a festive bandana so your kitty or pup can really get in the mood for the holidays! If you hope to reuse that bandana without a holiday in sight, just get a neutral but equally adorable bandana for them to sport year round.

Collar: Here’s the perfect time and excuse to get that new collar. I’m sure their current collar has been through enough over the last few years, buy them a new one so they are looking fresh come the new year.

Holiday-themed anything: Really, there are a plethora of options out there for your pets. Here are a few tips for your holiday themed gifts for your pets:

  • Make sure to do some shopping AFTER the holidays. Most of those toys and treats go on sale, so if it’s not food related, you can potentially get tons of stocking stuffers for the next holiday season at a much lower cost.
  • When you do give your pets the holiday themed treats, depending on what it is, it might be best to gather those gifts after the holidays and give it to them again next year in addition to the new ones. It’s doubtful Mister Clause the Stuffed Toy will last very long if he hangs around until next Christmas.
  • Let this be a time for fun stuff. If they need more flea meds or something else “not fun” make sure you set aside money for that and don’t let it dip into gifts for your furry loved one. That’s animal gift cruelty!

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