Staying Fit While TravelingStaying Fit While Traveling

Staying fit while traveling on vacation is probably one of the last things on your mind. It’s easy to tell yourself that you’re on a break and you can pick things up again when you get back home. However, exercising while on vacation is a great way to keep fit mentally and physically. It helps you re-focus your energy as well as enables you to keep up with your new environment. There are ways you can work in the exercise that your body needs, no matter your mode of travel.

Guided tours

If you are taking a tour of your favorite European countries, you may be surprised by how much walking is built in to the typical guided tour. Even so, you may want to set your alarm clock an hour early to get in a morning swim before the group meets for breakfast. Or, if you are a night owl, you might hit the hotel gym after dinner. Most four and five star hotels now have a fitness center on the premises as well as a pool. They may not have the variety of equipment that your favorite gym has back home, but usually you’ll find a treadmill, a stationary bike and a few other things to make your workout more rounded.


If you prefer to go for a vacation cruise, you will find a full service gym onboard with exercise classes, spinning, zumba and so on. You can sign up for the exercise classes that appeal to you at a convenient time. Between classes, the gym equipment is available for working out on your own, or you can get a personal trainer for the period of the cruise. Between the gym and the swimming pools you should be able to hold  your waist line against the onslaught of calories from the shipboard buffet. If you prefer to walk, there are plenty of decks with space for that, and even a track for running, jogging or walking. One cruiser I know skips the elevator and always takes the stairs on the ship. It’s often faster than the elevator as well.

Road trips

The journey that really tests your will power to keep to your exercise routine is a road trip. Those long days in the car with little to do but snack and listen to the radio, music system or a video, can be hard on your fitness. On travel days, try to take a walk at the rest area in addition to using the restrooms. Or stop in a town and enjoy their park for a quick walk before you get on the road again. Even a bit of window shopping on main street will help keep you fit. Remember that thirty minutes of walking a day will help you sleep better and help keep you fit. Of course, that is not enough exercise to make you buff, but it’s a beginning if you have been a couch potato and it’s better than nothing if you are travelling.

Doing calisthenics beside your car is a great way to get your blood flow circulation up. Start with some easy stretches with your arms over your head and swinging from side to side. Do a few lunges. Touch your toes a few times (or get as close as you can). Then a few warm up exercises like arm circles or leg lifts. Then do some jumping jacks or squats. These can all be done without touching the pavement if that is the only place you find to work out. If there is a bit of grass, some sit-ups and push-ups can be added.

Taking time for some fitness when traveling will make your trip even more enjoyable. You will be alert and invigorated by the extra breath of fresh air.

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