Happy Parents’ Day!

Happy Parents' Day!

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We all have two of them, they sometimes might get on our nerves, but we love them anyway. They can often be embarrassing, especially when we’re younger and way too cool for them to be around, but when we have a bad day they are the first people we run to. What am I talking about? Parents, of course! Mom and dad are the two awesome people that brought us into this world, and every fourth Sunday in July is one day to celebrate and thank them. We should do it each day in some way, but having just one day to dedicate ourselves to showing our gratitude has become a tradition. Let’s see how this holiday started and what we can do to make this day even more special…

History of Parents’ Day

Well the history doesn’t date back to ancient times, that’s for sure. A rather newly celebrated day, this holiday was coined Parents’ Day back in 1994 when President Bill Clinton was in office. He decided, since we have Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, why not a day celebrating the both of them together for their efforts and everything they do for us? This holiday has since been adopted by other countries around the world. Who can say no to another holiday, especially when it celebrates two of the most important people in our lives?

Purpose of Parents’ Day

This uplifting and memorable day is only more essential nowadays. In a time where we are becoming more distant and disconnected with our families, because of the every increasing duties at work, social obligations, technology, and any other distractions we may have from our core values, this holiday is needed that muchmore. It’s here to remind us what’s important: family. We should make it a point to “have a day like this” as much as possible, but in this day and age it is becoming more difficult. So here’s a day to really remind us what’s important in life, and to make your parents feel special.

How to Celebrate Parents’ Day

So how can we make the most memorable Parent’s Day ever? Try out some of these ideas…


Making a parents’ diary could be a cute way to show you love your parents. They will cherish this gift for the rest of their lives. Fill the diary with thoughts, memories, and sweet quotes or random thoughts that only they will understand.


Get super crafty and make an amazing book to be reviewed anytime, especially on each Parent’s Day. Each year you can add more pages. Make an incredible book full of photos and memories to build upon.

Homemade gift

Get the paint out, the scissors and whatever else you got. Make them something special. A bird feeder for mom? A new customized coffee mug for dad? Whatever it is, make it by hand. No matter what it is, it will be their new favorite item.

Go out

Make a picnic in a park, go to your favorite destination, a charming cafe, whatever you want. Just make sure to leave the phones at home.

Parents’ Day is a day to commemorate your parents by thanking them for bringing you into this world! How will you make this Parents’ Day as special as can be?

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