Save Money on Prescriptions

10 Tips for Seniors

Save Money on Prescriptions

With great age comes great pill-taking responsibilities. Fortunately for seniors in America, taking prescription pills is a highly regulated industry with many checks and balances to keep seniors safe.

So how can today’s savvy seniors save money on the seemingly endless list of prescription drugs? Here are our top ten incredible money saving opportunities on prescription drugs:

1. Contact Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA).

Good help is out there and PPA can direct you to resources in your area that can help you save money on your prescriptions. Simply go here and begin your search.

2. Contact Rx Outreach.

This non-profit mail order pharmacy helps you get the prescriptions you need if you are under-insured, uninsured, or have low income. Visit their website here.

3. Get a prescription discount card.

AARP offers senior prescription discount cards that can be used in conjunction with your current insurance or Medicare Part D plan.

4. Do you need ALL of those pills?

As seniors age, it seems more and more pills are added to the roster and very few are taken off. Take an inventory of all the pills that you are currently taking and talk to your doctor about any overlapping medications. Some pills do the same work as others but for different purposes. Could one pill serve a dual purpose? It’s worth a look!

5. Can you switch to generic?

Some seniors must use branded drugs due to the way their bodies respond to the medication, but many seniors fare the same way with using generics. Check your medication list to see which ones can be switched to generic.

6. Switch to a different regimen.

Speak with your doctor about switching to an alternative treatment plan. A doctor who truly understands your unique situation will be able to pinpoint new avenues to help alleviate the burden of these costs.

7. Get a manufacturer’s rebate.

Some doctor offices automatically provide manufacturer rebates, while others seem to make you be the instigator for the rebate. If your doctor’s office does not have a rebate, check the manufacturer’s site online for valuable rebates that they may have available or consider asking them for one.

8. Enroll in Medicare Part D.

Medicare Part D is a separate insurance that specifically helps cover the costs of prescription drugs and is available to anyone 65 and over who is already enrolled in Medicare Part A or B.

9. Check out Wal-Mart’s pharmacy.

I know! I almost grimaced at adding this suggestion in, but with generics starting at only $4.00 it’s definitely worth a look! Wal-Mart is positioning itself as a pharmacy drug leader and making great inroads to win new business.

10. Split your pills.

Although this may take a little extra work, this is a great way to save some extra money every month. Ask your doctor about increasing the dose amount of your drugs so that you can split each pill. Let’s say you currently take 20mg of a drug, ask your doctor if they can increase the dosage to 40mg. The monthly cost may only be a little more, but you can split those pills to last longer. Note: The FDA does not smile on this practice as it can be a little confusing to do and feel it is a bit risky, but they also realize that prescriptions can come at a high price.

And there you have it, our secret savings to deep senior discounts on prescription drugs. We hope this helps get you started on finding affordable ways to keep (or get) the medications that you need to keep you healthy.

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