How To Write Helpful Online Reviews Of Senior Care

How To Write Helpful Online Reviews Of Senior Care

Have you recently gone through the process of moving a senior loved one into an assisted living community, or hiring an in-home caregiver? You probably relied on help from family and friends, and perhaps an elder care advisor, to assist you with this important decision. You also probably did a lot of research online, which included reading the online reviews for the communities or home care companies you considered. Hearing about others’ experiences, whether they were from family members, friends, professionals, or online reviewers, probably helped you feel more in control and confident about your decision. Wouldn’t you like to pay it forward and help another family going through the same thing? Go online to a site like and review your care provider – here are some tips to make your review as helpful as can be.

Provide Context for Your Specific Experience

Introduce some basics about your experience so the reader of your review can determine whether or not it will be relevant to their situation. For instance, are you a family member or the person using the service? Did you move in to this community or simply tour? When did your experience happen – did you have a loved one living at this community 15 years ago? Or did he or she just move in? Have they been there for a few months?

If you feel comfortable, share in broad terms any care needs or financial restraints that may have impacted your decision. For instance, if you loved everything about a community, but you ultimately didn’t choose it because it was out of your price range, that information can help guide others as to whether or not they should consider touring. Online Review Form

Share the Pros and Cons

What did you like about this provider? Conversely, what did you dislike? If you find yourself at a loss for words, get started by answering these questions:

Is the facility kept clean and attractive?

  • Would you feel confident that your loved one would be living in a clean, tidy, and healthy environment? Were the furnishings old or modern? Did you like the layout of the building and the individual rooms? Did you like the outdoor areas, if any? What about the location – is it easy to get to? Is it in a safe neighborhood?

Does the management and caregiving staff exhibit professionalism, medical knowledge, and kindness?

  • How did you feel during your interactions with management or individual caregivers? Did you feel they listened to and wanted to address your concerns? Did they seem knowledgeable in caring for seniors, and your loved one’s needs, specifically?

Is the food good?

  • Dining plays an important role in making a senior living resident’s life more enjoyable – good food and good conversation makes all of us happy. Is seating assigned or unassigned? Are there specific hours for meals or is it more of an all-day buffet? How does the community handle special dietary requests?

How is the activities program?

  • Does the community provide physically, mentally, and emotionally stimulating activities for residents? Does it seem like the residents have fun participating? Are there any clubs or activities that pique your loved one’s interests in particular?

Is it a good value for the money?

  • What is the billing structure? Is it all-inclusive or do certain items require additional cost? Based on your loved one’s budget, is it an affordable option?

Now, you obviously don’t need to answer every single one of these questions to write a review that someone would find helpful. These are just a few ideas to help you get started. If you aim to answer just some of these questions, you can feel good knowing that you’ve helped someone else.

Want to take a different approach? Think back to the questions you had before you first came to this community. Write your answers down – and there’s your review! Here are some other examples reviews of A Place for Mom as a whole.

Now that you know what to write about, head over to and write an online review of your senior living community!

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  1. Beth June 5, 2014 Reply

    We use continuum care in St Louis. They are a great home care company providing senior services! ( I would highly recommend them.

  2. Rosanne D. Balfour June 8, 2014 Reply

    I am considering an independent living community in Florida. Has anyone had any experience with either John Knox Village in Pompano, Willow Wood in Tamarac, or
    Oak Hammock in Gainesville?

  3. Wanda Guesnon August 1, 2017 Reply

    Belinda Battistelli has been a tremendous help to me and my family over the last 4 years. Thank you for your understanding, caring, concern, guidance and commitment. She recommended home care that was suitable for my parents needs, staying in touch to make sure things were going well for them. After my mother passed away, placing dad in the best place was a profound mission for Belinda and again she came though for us.

    She directed us to Starlite Manor, in Eastvale, which has been a lifeline for dad and our family. Jennifer Robinson and her care givers are wonderful, loving people who give the best care to my father and all residents. They are attentive, loving, hard working and dedicated to the resident’s needs and well being, physically and mentally. Daily baths, exercise, walks, good food, a beautiful home, fun and spirited conversation with the residents, Jennifer, her staff, visiting family and friends. Dad’s taught several people how to play dominos which enjoys. I look back and wish both my parents could have enjoyed Starlite Manor years ago. My family and I are grateful for this “home for dad”. I highly recommend Jennifer and her care givers for a loved one’s care.

    • Author
      Amelia Willson August 4, 2017 Reply

      That is a great, uplifting story, Wanda! Have you written this review on yet? You can always write a review about the service that was provided by our senior living referral service, A Place for Mom:
      Or if you want to write a review about the senior care companies themselves, you can search for them on and write a review there to help other families with their decision to use that company or not in the future.

  4. Anthony Lopez April 11, 2018 Reply

    I have seen the horrifying things that go on in these nursing homes, i have my dad in one right now that is harming him and since i reported this place a few times they had me tresspassed now noome can look after my dad.
    I have seen him being abused and neglected and nothing is being done.
    Ocoee healthcare in ocoee florida is one of the worse places to bring your loves one and if your not black you will be mistreated and ignored for hours..
    We need to let other families know about this place and try and get them shut down.
    I have called dcf , fbi, lawyers and other establishments that are suppose to over look these homes and the elderly and nothing is being done.HELP ME PLEASE. My dads name is Raymond Lopez he is 88 years old and is a great man and father..please someone help.

  5. Joanie May 19, 2018 Reply

    We used “Care One Senior Care”
    They should be called “Care None Senior Careless”
    They left our 90 year old mother alone 15 times
    They gave her the wrong medication at the wrong time
    They skip her required medication
    They gave her laxatives
    They stole from her
    They broke items
    They left her in wet diapers many times resulting in her bedding wet
    They slept while they were suppose to care for her
    They talked on the phone ignoring her
    The company never apologized and never offer to replace the broken or stolen items
    Instead they placed the blame on the family
    They keep you connected to their portal making it difficult to use any other company
    They care only for themselves and has never once bother to make a check on the caretakers even though they may only be five minutes away not even to replace the care sheets.
    Sloppy, lazy, care less and denial are they game care is not
    They do nothing that they promise

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