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Wichita Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

The Wichita area offers a bounty of volunteer opportunities for seniors that want to help others in their community. You can share your skills and knowledge in many ways while working at a nature center, at the county zoo, or at a botanical garden. This list of opportunities includes some favorites that are popular among volunteers in the Wichita region.

Working with Nature and Wildlife

Nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts can volunteer at the Great Plains Nature Center and help staff during special events and field trips. You can work in the gift shop, greet visitors at the front desk, and answer questions about the exhibits. Other areas where you can help include writing for the quarterly newsletter and updating the bulletin board.

The Sedgwick County Zoo can use the help of volunteers to assist zookeepers, participate in special events and activities, and answer questions from visitors. The zoo also has an ambassador docent program for individuals that have received training as education volunteers. A Docent is a title given to those that teach or guide others, usually on a volunteer basis.

If gardening and working with plants and flowers is what you seek, Botanica is in need of volunteers to assist staff members. You can greet visitors at the admissions desk or lend a helping hand in the gift shop. Offer your time as a garden assistant or butterfly host. Other areas where Botanica can use your skills include the information desk, as a garden tour guide, and at special events.

Volunteering at the Art Museum and Music Theatre

The Wichita Art Museum has many opportunities for volunteers to help including working at the front desk to welcome visitors and assisting staff during special events. The museum also has a docent program for volunteers that would like to become tour guides.

The Music Theatre Wichita welcomes volunteers to help staff members with opportunities to assist in the office, costume shop, with public relations, and during auditions. Volunteers lend a helping hand during the Sunday Night Cast Suppers and at the Encore Table where they provide food and snacks for the crew and cast.

Helping Out at the Public Library and Science Center

The Wichita Public Library has opportunities for volunteers to help staff members in several areas. If you enjoy doing research and exploring family backgrounds, you can volunteer to work at the Genealogy Desk. Other areas where the library needs help includes the information desk to answer questions and as an interlibrary loan mail clerk.

Volunteers that work at the Exploration Place science center can help staff by greeting visitors and assisting with travel exhibits and science shows. The organization rewards volunteers for their time and effort by providing them with a discount along with previews of upcoming lectures and events. The Exploration Place provides their volunteers with training specific to their assigned tasks.

The Wichita area offers a wide variety of opportunities where retired seniors can get involved and help the community. Volunteering provides the opportunity to lend a helping hand and participate in community activities and events.

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