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Wichita Veterans Support Groups

Many veterans require specific and unique care to accommodate the life-changing situations that going off to war can bring. For that reason, there are hundreds of organizations, communities, and resource providers dedicated to ensuring veterans live comfortably into their older years.

For veterans living in Wichita, Kansas, this is no different. Whether you’re looking for a social community or workshops to help transition into new circumstances, here are some resources that can help.

Veterans Resources Available in Wichita

One of the best resources available to veterans in Wichita is the Robert J. Dole VA Medical Center. Located on East Kellogg Ave, the Robert J. Dole VA Medical Center is organized and run by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Services offered at the Robert J. Dole VA Medical Center can assist veterans in everything from losing weight to training family caregivers looking after a senior veteran.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs also offers the Wichita area the Wichita Vet Center. The Wichita Vet center offers a variety of services to veterans in the area, including a referral for benefits from the VA, group counseling, and individual counseling.

State Level Organizations for Wichita Veterans

In addition to the local services offered in Wichita, veterans looking for additional care and support can look at statewide organizations. In the state of Kansas, the Kansas Commission on Veterans Affairs Office can help veterans find resources, provide benefits, and give veterans and families a bit of extra attention.

The Kansas Commission on Veterans Affairs Office assists veterans in receiving the benefits they deserve. Some of those benefits include education benefits, non-service connected pension benefits, service-connected disability compensation benefits, spouse and dependent benefits, state VA benefits, and VA health care benefits.

National Veterans Support Chapters Located in Wichita

Veterans in Wichita can find additional support through the Veterans of Foreign Wars posts located in the area. Wichita, Kansas has two VFW Posts: VFW Post 112 which is located on Topeka Street and VFW Post 3115 on W. Douglas Ave.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars posts can be a great place for veterans to interact and get involved in a community of individuals with similar interests and backgrounds. VFW Post 112 serves Friday Dinner and Sunday Brunch every week, and even has special events scattered throughout the month, including “Fiesta Tuesday” and birthday celebrations for the US Army.

Veterans and their families can also find supper through the Wichita Chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Veterans who have returned from war, no matter how long it has been, are prone to struggle with depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and other mental illnesses. Getting the care and support that they need is crucial.

Acknowledging the Local Wichita Veterans

Wichita takes notice and appreciates their veterans every year through a Veterans Day Parade. The city of Wichita works diligently to connect veterans with junior members of the community, including having JROTC and Leadership Corps cadets from high schools and middle schools in the area honor the veterans of the community.

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