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Wichita Veterans Benefits

When a veteran completes their military service they are automatically entitled to many different benefits. While the programs available are plentiful, it’s not always a straightforward process accessing benefits. Wichita-area vets can contact several local resources to assist with navigating the process of accessing healthcare, employment, and housing benefits and programs available to them.

Wichita veteran health benefits programs

Not every vet realizes that they likely qualify for healthcare benefits through the VA. Any veteran who completed their active duty service who has a discharge other than dishonorable, as well as members of the National Guard and the Reserves who completed their service period, may qualify for enrollment in the VA healthcare program. An application is required, and everyone is sorted into their applicable priority group to determine eligibility.

The Robert J. Dole VA Medical Center in Wichita offers primary, secondary and long-term care services to vets in the community. Their services include a number of specialized programs like women’s health, vision impairment rehabilitation, cardiology, pain management and PTSD services. Veteran caregivers can also access their support services including in-home care and hospice through the VA.

Veteran housing opportunities and benefits

Sedgwick County has many different resources on their website to assist veterans with finding housing programs and preventing homelessness. The VA website also features several programs that can help vets with housing, including:

VA home loans at affordable rates

VASH Program

How to receive property tax deductions for vets with a disability that happened during their service time

Home improvement loans at discounted rates for vets

The Wichita VA also operates a program that provides help to veterans and their families faced with the prospect of homelessness. Services include helping vets get back on their feet through finding safe, temporary housing, finding employment, medical care, as well as mental health and substance abuse treatment programs if necessary.

The VA Medical Foster Home program is another housing option for veterans. Administered by the VA, participants are matched with a caregiver in a private local home who will include the vet in the families daily life, prepare daily meals, help with the veteran’s needs, and provide transportation.

Additional Wichita-area veterans benefits resources

The Wichita Regional Benefits Office is another excellent resource for veterans who need benefits assistance. The office staff can assist veterans, their families, and their survivors with every aspect of their benefits, including pension, compensation, and employment resources. Vets who need benefits counseling and assistance with their application, info about healthcare, or advocacy and public affairs assistance can visit the benefits office.

Other places to find help with veterans benefits are the Veterans Resource Center and the Kansas Commission on Veteran’s Affairs Office. The Veterans Resource Center has a staff team dedicated to helping vets unlock their healthcare benefits, locate affordable housing, further their education, and locate employment in the community. The Commission on Veteran’s Affairs offers additional resources, such as links to Veterans Homes in the area and assistance with claims.

KanVet is a great place to find many different employment and education resources for veterans all in one place. Here you can search for jobs, get career counseling, and explore education options available to you as part of your veteran benefits.

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